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    Artist: Astaroth
    Release: Rehearsals and Live
    Genre: black/death/thrash
    Country: USA (Rochester, NY)
    Bitrate: 128 kbps
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    Astaroth was a band I played Guitar in from its formation in 1990 up until May 1992 when I left to join/form Buried Beneath. During this time we never recorded a demo. Astaroth did continue on and record a demo after I left and with a new drummer, then changed the name to Adar and recorded one more killer demo before splitting up.

    These songs are all the original line-up:
    Mike "The Mercyful One" - Guitar (*Vocals only on "Manifestation Of The Unholy Messiah")
    Kevin "Evil" - Guitar
    Jason "Armageddon" - Bass/Vocals
    Jason "Zombie" - Drums

    The music is a black/death/thrash. Kevin was VERY into Kreator's "Extreme Aggression" album. At the time (in '91) I was really into the 1st Dark Throne CD plus all the thrash bands I grew up with and the newest death metal bands circa 1990-91. Jason's vocals were very deep and gutteral, typical for that time-period. We spent the first year of the band basically rehearsing, smoking weed, and occasionally dropping acid and going to Slay Team parties (RST - Rochester Slay Team!!!) During my first year in Astaroth I was arrested and then tried for stealing gravestones from Mt. Hope Cemetery (newspaper articles included in archive). Kevin's tunes were "Offering Of Sufferage" and "Unholy Playgound" and they are simpler thrashier offerings. We all co-wrote "Abdominal Destruction". I wrote "Book Of The Black Earth" and "Manifestation Of The Unholy Messiah", and I did vocals on the latter song when we performed it at our first and only live show in Feb. 1992 (on Valentine's Day, we billed it the Valentine's Day Massacre). Unfortunately it was at the live show in '92 that I realized just how bad of a drummer Zombie was. He was a great guy and a friend, but it was embarrassing. In fact only 3 of the 5 or 6 songs we played are included because he royally screws up in them. So here are 3 rehearsal tracks and 3 live tracks from when I was in Astaroth. This is all there is of my stint in the band.
    Band pics by Evil Eye Ron (R.I.P.). Logo by Mikael. Newspaper articles from Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY, October 1991.
    Rehearsal 10-5-91 (instrumental)
    1. Unholy Playground

    Rehearsal 12-7-91
    2. Unholy Playground
    3. Book Of The Black Earth

    Live 2-14-92 at Club X in Rochester, NY "Valentine's Day Massacre"
    4. Abdominal Destruction
    5. Manifestation Of The Unholy Messiah*
    6. Offering Of Sufferage

    Clockwise from Top Left: Mike 'Mercyful One' (me-caressing the angel's breast), Kevin 'Evil', Jason 'Armageddon', Jason 'Zombie'

    L to R: Armageddon, Evil, Mercyful One, Zombie.

    October 1991 newspaper article about my trial
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    Astaroth (us-ny) reh trx '91 + live trx 2-23-92 @128 [vaalkoth's band]
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