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    Artist: Fates Warning
    Release: Live in Long Island, NY, USA, 14/5-1988
    Genre: Progressive / Power Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    FATES WARNING live in Long Island, NY, USA, May 14 - 1988.
    Good audience recordings.
    1. No Exit
    2.. Anarchy Divine
    3.. Silent Cries
    4.. Valley of the Dolls
    5.. Shades of Heavenly Death
    6.. Exodus
    7. The Apparation
    8. The Ivory Gate of Dreams
    9. Innocence
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    Do you know what venue this was from? I have a few guesses as to where around here it might be, nowhere thats around now though. Even the places I grew up going to shows are gone now. The Downtown, The Crazy Donkey, etc. The only places bands can play around here they have to pay $450 from ticket sales and if they have $410or even $449 they have to give it to "ClubLoaded" and STILL CANT PLAY! I learned this the hard way when I showed up to a venue with my old band THE D-GEN'S (, MILITIA said we were "the best crossover band weve heard since 87-88") and a band I was producing/managing (Infernal Trinity Records artists NAZARENE PLAGUE) and $400 of mine and $400 for NP, they said NEITHER OF US could play. I was ready to take the money WE WORKED FOR and all the people I sold tickets too and fuckin leave and play for them in a backyard in town. but my friend did that and they sued him and got him arrested and (they made it through 3 songs and cops ran onto the property!!!)..... We had the spot RIGHT BEFORE DEVOURMENT at the most polular place in Nassau county that wasnt The Colliseum and we all ended up drinking with the 3 other bands that showed up and werent allowed onstage!!!!! Fuck Long Island!!!!

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    This 17-year-old kid who lived in New York contacted me... The kid’s name was Kenny... he said “You are The Mezmerist!”... I said, “What makes you think that I am The Mezmerist?” And he qualified it.

    - TOM "MEZO" POLLOCK (Decibel magazine)
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