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  • Artist: More
    Release: BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show Session 23/05/80
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 256kbps
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    MORE : Friday Rock Show Session (1980) UK
    Recorded for Tommy Vance's BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show
    Originally broadcast on 23/05/80


    01. Atomic Rock
    02. I Have No Answers
    03. Soldier
    04. Way Of The World

    Kenny Cox - Guitar (MAMMOTH, MORE'n'MORE)
    Laurie Mansworth - Guitar (AIRRACE)
    Brian Day - Bass
    Frank Darch - Drums

    MORE were a hard working five piece London based Heavy Metal band formed in 1979 who operated at the height of the NWoBHM.
    Vocalist Paul Mario Day had previously sung briefly for one of the early incarnations of IRON MAIDEN.
    MORE debuted in May 1980 on BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show with a four song studio session from which the track "Soldier", was culled for the BBC "Metal Explosion" compilation album.
    On the strength of the buzz created by the radio session and the band's energetic live shows, More were signed by Atlantic Records
    A cracking debut full length album entitled "Warhead", was then recorded in Detroit, U.S.A., which was preceded by the release of a single, "Atomic Rock".
    After supporting DEF LEPPARD, SAXON and KROKUS on their British tours, and IRON MAIDEN throughout Europe, MORE opened the bill at the 1981 Castle Donington Monsters Of Rock festival before they began recording their second album.
    Work began on album No 2, "Blood And Thunder", with producer Pete Hinton, but vocalist Day quit midway through recording to join WILDFIRE, resulting in More's projected support slot to BLACK SABBATH being cancelled.
    The band soldiered on recruiting vocalist Mick Stratton, although the album was delayed as Stratton re-wrote lyrics to all the previously recorded material.
    Laurie Mansworth then left More to form the much mellower AIRRACE alongside drummer Jason Bonham and ex-WHITE SPIRIT and LIONHEART members.
    Airrace released a single, "I Don't Care", and a lone album, "Shaft Of Light" in 1984.
    Laurie was followed through the out door by drummer Frank Darch who, in turn, was superseded by Andy John Burton.
    Bassist Brian Day then also left More during the album recordings to be replaced by Barry Nichols.
    The album, bizarrely, went unreleased in Britain, but did see release in Europe.
    A final More single, the non-album "Trickster", was issued in late 1982, after which the group disbanded.
    More reformed briefly in 1985 with only Cox remaining from the original line up, joined by vocalist Ron Jackson, guitarist Mel Jones, returning bassist Barry Nichols and Paul George on drums, but the whole thing was very short-lived.
    Kenny Cox joined the gimmicky "Fatman" Hard Rock band MAMMOTH, led by ex-SAMSON vocalist Nicky Moore and former GILLAN bassist John McCoy.
    Mammoth went on to release two studio albums and a live effort, after which Cox played in a band called MORE'n'MORE alongside Mammoth's Nicky Moore.
    After two albums with Wildfire, vocalist Paul Mario Day found himself as the front man in legendary Glam/Hard Rock band THE SWEET.
    He fronted the band for three years, recording the "Sweet Sixteen" & "Live At The Marquee" albums with them before emigrating to Australia.
    A further attempt at reforming MORE in 1999, fronted by former AXON IV singer Mike, stalled when Kenny Cox suffered several debilitating strokes.
    Laurie Mansworth reemerged in the 2000's as manager/producer of hotly tipped Hard Rock band HURRICANE PARTY aka ROADSTAR aka HEAVEN'S BASEMENT.
    Paul Mario Day resurfaced in 2009 in a new band called CRIMZON LAKE who recorded 2 demos before the release of a self-titled 3 song EP earlier this year.
    Laurie Mansworth has also recently returned to the stage, playing guitar in a reformed version of Airrace, who released a brand new album "Back To The Start" this year.

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