Bootlegs [NWOBHM] » Truffle (UK) - Live at Brofest II, Newcastle, UK [Bootleg] (01-03-2014)
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    Band: Truffle
    Country: UK (Portsmouth)
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Release: Soundboard recording - web streaming
    Date: 2014-03-01 (1 March, 2014)
    City: Newcastle (UK) at Brofest II festival
    Venue: Northumbria University Students Union
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps
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    Notes by nonseinormale65:
    I taped this show a while later the festival
    when was broadcasted in web streaming,please
    note that i did not split the tracks,all songs
    are in a single file,enjoy it!!!

    Artwork assembled by nonseinormale65

    Line up:
    Russ Horton - bass,lead vocals
    Ritchie Stopforth - guitar,vocals
    Peter Patterson - drums
    Mark Mullholland - guitar
    Cliff Stopforth - keyboards

    Band info:
    TRUFFLE were(are) a heavy rock band from Portsmouth(UK) and a very underrated gem
    that gigged all over the UK in the 80's and early 90's. They released a
    single “Round tower/If you really want” in 1981, a cassette single
    “633 Squadron/Do you like heavy metal” in 1984 and the cassette album
    “The bacon slicer strikes" .

    The same band also formed a covers band which ran alongside TRUFFLE
    in 1986 called the (Monday) MAFIA. Both bands gigged for several years
    but gradually the boys found that more & more people in pubs wanted to
    hear cover numbers & so the TRUFFLE gigs slowly fell off & the MAFIA ones
    increased...until April 2011 at their 25th anniversary gig at the Heroes,
    Waterlooville when TRUFFLE performed 3 songs live, the first time they had
    done so in nearly 20 years.

    In 2011 a German record company called HIGH ROLLER RECORDS remastered and
    released most of the material TRUFFLE had recorded on 3 vinyl albums
    “If you really want”, “1st Attempt” & “The bacon slicer strikes again”.

    God of War
    The bacon slicer strikes
    Street Figter
    Round Tower
    UFO/Hot on the Street
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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