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    Artist: Omega (UK-Bangor)
    Release: Compilation Track + Live tracks [1982]
    Genre: Prog/NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Bangor, Wales)
    Bitrate: 160-192 kbps
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    Info: Not really much is known about this mysterious band, apart from being one of the few welsh-language NWOBHM groups fortunate enough to release its own LP before plunging into oblivion. With two of its musicians (Graham Land and Bev Jones) being also involved with Rohan, Omega took its place on the "Gorau Sgrech - Sgrechian Corwen" compilation in 1982 (with the song "Nansi") before editing there self-titled album the following year. It is said that this record shows a band in a progressive rock style, but with strong guitar histrionics in a typical NWOBHM mould.

    Nanci: Excellent melodic NWOBHM with a catchy chorus. Much heavier than their studio material which is primarily progressive rock. ... welsh.html ... results=50

    Delwyn Siôn (vocals), Len Jones (lead guitar), Graham Land ( drums ), Bef Jones (bass), Gorwel Owen (keyboards), Sian Wheway (vocals)

    Omega (Bangor) - Nansi [7" Single] (1981)
    VA - Gorau Sgrech - Sgrechian Corwen (1982)
    Omega (Bangor) - Omega (Full Lenght) (1983)
    Anyone got the Single or Album?
    01. Nansi [from 'VA - Gorau Sgrech - Sgrechian Corwen' (1982)]
    02. Yr Ateb (Live 1982)
    03. Milwr (Soldier) (Live)
    04. Seren Ddoe (Live 1982)
    05. Nansi (Live)
    06. Adferwch Y Cymoedd (Live)
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    A little extra info on Omega:
    Vocalist/Guitarist Delwyn Siôn (aka Delwyn Davies) had previously been in the folk/prog band HERGEST who formed in 1971 and released 4 full length albums & 2 four song EPs between 1973 & 1978 before disbanding in 1979.
    Hergest recorded the song 'Adferwch Y Cymoedd' ('Restore the Valleys') for their 1974 'Aros Pryd' EP, long before Omega re-interpreted it in a more epic version on their sole 1983 LP.
    The Omega version of this track can be found on CD on the 2 disc Various Artists collection 'Caneuon Protest', released in 2013, and it's also on the 2008 Delwyn Siôn career retrospective compilation 'Dyddiau - Y Goreuon', which also includes another 3 Omega songs; 'Nansi', 'Tomi' & 'Seren Ddoe'. 'Nansi' can also be found on the 2004 2-CD Various Artists compilation 'Degawdau Roc (1967-1982)'.
    The original 1974 version of 'Adferwch Y Cymoedd' can be heard on the 2-CD Hergest compilation 'Y Llyfr Coch' released in 2010.
    After Omega split up, Siôn became a solo artist and has released (at least) 7 solo albums to date, the most recent of which is 2015's 'Chwilio Am America'. Hergest have reunited sporadically for live shows down the years and Siôn has played with his former Hergest bandmate Derec Brown both live & on some of Brown's own solo records.
    Omega's guitarist Len Jones had previously played with the progressive band BRÂN on their 1978 album 'Gwrach Y Nos', before forming the first Welsh language Heavy Rock band MAGGS in 1979. He then became a member of RHIANNON TOMOS A'R BAND, playing on their ''Dwed Y Gwir'' LP before Rhiannon Tomos split the group to join Y DIAWLED. Jones then moved into production for a time, with the 1984 'Blwyddyn Arall' 45 by DORCAS being the credit most likely to be known to members of the forum.
    Omega's drummer, Graham Land had also been a member of Rhiannon Tomos A'r Band, and appears on both their 1980 'Gormod I'w Golli' 45 & the 1981 'Dwed Y Gwir' LP.
    Hope this info is of some interest or use to the forum's members.
    Here's the little seen 1979/1980 video for the song 'Hey Diawl' by Maggs featuring a pre-Omega Len Jones. The song itself may be a bit basic, but Jones's filthy guitar tone & stellar playing lift it out of the ordinary. ... r_embedded

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