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    Are you serious rexor? - Wtf is this?!
    Want to kill this forum on purpose?

    This post contains so many violations against the forum rules that´s hard to list them all:

    ► §4.1 ▸Official 2010-2014 releases and albums still available at the band or label is strictly forbidden to post or request.
    Have you ever read the rules?
    Not that you post a recent album (2012), even worse: This one´s available at almost every records stores - both: physical & online.
    Search before you put something up!
    Amazon screenshot

    ► Do you know how to post?
    Your post screenshot

    Obviously not (#1), otherwise you would know that posting a new release has to be approved by the Moderators.
    Not sure how you bypassed them, most likely by not hiding your download link!!
    Another fault in this forum, but by far the biggest fault of you.
    Obviously not (#2), otherwise you would have added …
    • a cover pic
    • at least a little info (well hard to get any if not searching)
    • a hidden link
    • the country to the topic title
    • the year of release to the topic title.

    The topic title should look like this: "Overlorde SR (US) - Medieval Metal too [compilation] (2012)".
    This notation is very reasoned, but I know very well: Some of you guys think they know everything better.
    See what happens? You cheated even some old members who gave you good reputation on this!

    However not hiding the download link is by far the worst.
    Some of might have noticed that Google´s bot and those of other search-engines (Feedburner & the like) are good friends of our board.
    Tick [Home] & you´ll see something like this at the bottom:
    Who is online screenshot

    These bots are not just friends but even registered users (!) - so they see everything, store everything and remember everything going on here.
    The only thing they can´t: They cannot give reputation to the uploader, therefore they will never see the hidden download links.
    And believe it or not, that´s one main reason for hidden links. Ask Emil if you think I´m wrong.
    All good (and long-lived!) forums hide their links and they do this on purpose, otherwise they become deactivated sooner or later - well, except some russian ones maybe… ;)
    Most blogs do not (or can not) and that´s the reason why they come and go.

    So what do you think where your visible link goes: Straight to the Search engine.
    And it´s shown in full length in the search result - so nobody must register to this forum or even visit it.
    Don´t believe me, look at this:
    Google screenshot

    Still don´t believe me? - Ask Googleby clicking this link

    The other thing that pisses me off, is that our Moderators are sleeping.
    It´s one thing to bypass them, but it´s their job to watch exactly things like this!
    But they don´t … or is it because they haven´t been seen here since weeks/months/years? (hmm)
    So I fully agree: This board needs some new Moderators! (Already discussed a couple of times: #1, #2,…)

    Actions like this can kill a whole forum.
    Actions like this will very likely kill a hosting account. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but long-term it will.

    Just for those who don´t know:
    That´s the reason why many uploaders are pissed off by sharing their(!) links on other platforms, especially on blogs.
    Most of them don´t care to share their content, but they always claim: Use your own link!

    They have a good reason to do so:
    Many blogs don´t have the chance to hide their links, so if somebody shares a link from an uploader in here, this will be visible to the whole internet community. - The original uploader (who didn´t do anything wrong) can do nothing against it.
    The consequence is obvious: Someone (and believe me: (Big) records labels or super groups have their bots running just to watch this!) will report it to authorities and that´s it:
    First thing to close this person´s hosting account without any warning, if not more to happen.
    So we all (all serious board members) suffer from this.

    So don´t be that green & naive to think this people just want to be assholes. They do have reasonable arguments for acting this way.
    And don´t whine because JasonKont´s, Tagir´s or whoever´s links are broken. It´s actions like cross-sharing which can cause this - so simply don´t do this!

    I know some will hate me for being that harsh, well - go ahead, initiate a shitstorm, call me names, do whatever you like - I coudn´t care less.
    Doing so only shows that you:
    don´t know a shit about how to run a forum,
    • and all the more that you have no idea how to run it healthy in the long run!

    Nuff said, I´m pissed and…
    RunningWild ;)

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    Uploading stuff that's still in print is what gets little forums like ours shut down...
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    Really this masterpiece is in trade yet, see here https://heavenandhellrecords.bandcamp.c ... -metal-too . Seem the Stormspell records also will sale it soon, if I'm not mistaken.
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