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    Artist: Buried Beneath
    Release: The Last Rays Of The Moon [Compilation] (1998)
    Genre: Brutally Atmospheric Black/Death
    Country: USA (Rochester, NY)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Buried Beneath was a band I played mainly Guitar in from 1992-1995. This CD was a posthumous release in 1998 since the band had already been split up for 3 years and that year the debut post-Buried Beneath band NIGHT CONQUERS DAY released our debut CD.

    This is a collection of demo songs that have had my vocals re-recorded over the old vocalists (except on track 4) and I also added some keyboard parts and did a whole new mix and master, plus the last song is an out-take from the debut Night Conquers Day CD. It's included because it was the last song written as Buried Beneath and it was not included on the debut N.C.D. album. There is another version of this song on the N.C.D. demo from 1995. To understand what this CD is, read page 2 of the CD booklet (included and pictured below).

    The music is a Brutally Atmospheric Black/Death. The earlier songs are more just death metal that sounds typical for 1992, but the latter songs from 1993 and 1994 were more elaborate, had keyboards and became longer epics. Enjoy.

    Mikael (me) Bayusik - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (and Drums on track 10)
    Tim Miller - Bass
    Shane Kendall - Drums (except track 10)
    Jason Vandemark - Vocals on Track 4 only
    1. Reveal the Legacy (Intro) - 1:22
    2. A Fate Worse Than Death - 6:25
    3. Remember Salem - 5:59
    4. Make Them Die Slowly - 6:09
    5. Wallowing in Misery - 7:07
    6. Forgotten Not the Natural Splendour - 10:05
    7. Gothic Sorrow (Intro) - 1:28
    8. Into a Depressive Shade of Crimson - 5:46
    9. Spectrum of Impurity - 7:51
    10. In Fields of Green I Wander... - 10:41
    "The Last Rays of the Moon" was originally supposed to be the title of a 7" EP to be released in 1995 by a Slovakian label, which never came out.

    CD co-released by Dark Trinity Productions (UK) and Majestic Union (Germany), 1000 copies made (not numbered though).

    Tracks 1 - 4 from demo#2 '93 "Vivisect the Virgin Mary". (track 4 retains original vocalist Jason Vandemark)
    Tracks 5 - 9 from demo#3 '94 "And This too Shall Pass Away".
    Track 10 is the last written Buried Beneath track, recorded in '96 during the sessions for the Night Conquers Day debut album.
    All original vocals (except on track 4) were deleted and re-recorded by Mikael from '95 to '97.
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