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Reviews » [Review] Tilt (Jpn) - Stick into Yours [EP] (1986)
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    Perhaps best remembered for their multiple hard rock albums, Tilt were one of the biggest hard rock and heavy metal groups in the Nagoya area which was also populated by the likes of most notably Sniper, Crowley and Outrage. Tilt were only a metal band for their first few years before softening to a thoroughly decent (though not close to the same standard as their metal days) brand of hard rock in an effort to make it big, which did work to a degree. I've heard Tilt referred to as everything from a bad Loudness knockoff to J-metal greats based on said early works, and judging by the music on Can You Feel Inside and this EP, Stick into Yours for myself, I actually found a heck of a lot to enjoy within this release.

    Stick into Yours, much like the smaller "Can You Feel Inside" EP is chock full of shamelessly cheesy moments, glamtastic hooks and unquestionably metallic riffs, making for a very fun little release with a non over-produced, loud, sleazy and grandiose, in your face brand of heavy metal that I would liken to Motley Crue's early works, similar in style to Knock Em' Dead, Kid or Live Wire. The guitars on Stick into Yours are thunderous and infectiously energetic, with some very fun riffs and excellent, exciting soloing, though it's perhaps a hint too loud, the bass tends to be a little less prominent than I would generally like. The drums are nice and powerful and Takeshi's gritty, rough vocals are very good, even if they are a tad sharp at times, never being enough so that it's a major problem however.

    Stick into Yours features a total of six songs, three slower heavy metal-rockers, and three fast paced metal tunes, none of them with a hint of weakness, aside from some ultra sad attempts at English lyrics every now and then, but to me it adds to the band's goofy American glam worshiping charm, and is really just a characteristic shared between the majority of Japanese bands. A song I found exceptionally strong was Bloody Mary with a fast paced bluesy overtone and is just overall highly upbeat. Another song I especially enjoyed was Open Fire which plays into that American glam influence mentioned earlier, and is a very fast-paced metal track, bordering on speed metal with some fantastic guitar throughout too.

    Tilt's production quality which wasn't perfect on Stick into Yours would end up taking major dip when they'd switched labels and put out their first full-length album The Beast in Your Bed the following year, the album marking the start of a transition in the band's sound between heavy metal and hard rock and lacked the same easygoing attitude and likability that their previous releases had. After several years, Tilt themselves seem to finally realize that when they were at their very best, they were playing heavy metal, the likes of which was present on Stick into Yours, because since they reformed in 2014, their setlists have featured this EP in its entirety, as well as select tracks from Can You Feel Inside and The Beast in Your Bed and only a couple songs from the collective five full-lengths following. I actually got the chance to ask them if they planned on putting out any new material since they're back together and performing again, and they said they have one in the works, and judging by their new-found appreciation for their heavy metal stuff, it should be a pretty decent album. If you like the glammier Japanese heavy metal bands, Stick into Yours is one you'll definitely want to look into, it's a delightful EP and it demonstrates everything Tilt was and is about in full force.

    Written by TadakatsuH0nda, re-posted from the Metal Archives.
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