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A Star in the Making - 86%

Alright Dead End and especially Terra Rosa fans, listen up, because Le Dernier Slow by Jesus is a demo that you will probably love. Back before guitarist You Adachi had joined either band, he was in this band Jesus and wrote most of if not all the music on this demotape. There's huge significance here when it comes to Terra Rosa, because one of the songs on this demo, The Shine of Forever was brought over to Terra Rosa by Mr. Adachi, and was turned into a little song called The Endless Basis which he gave to them, so even though he was already gone by the time they put out their debut, having only appeared on their second demo, they owe a degree of credit to him for contributing their signature song. He quit Terra Rosa shortly after giving them The Endless Basis to join Dead End, then promptly helped Dead End to quickly rise to the top, going on to be one of the most influential visual kei bands ever.

Following a very decent Subsonic Violence demo the year before, Jesus brought an at the time random guy named Yuji Adachi in for their second demo, Le Dernier Slow. Taking on a large portion of the songwriting duties, You Adachi crafted what had to be one of the finest demotapes to ever grace Japanese heavy metal. The songs here are so refined and written so bloody well that it was clear this man was going to go on to have a successful career. You Adachi's performance in particular is fantastic, with headbanging slow riffs such as こわれた時が・・・'s main riff and extremely melodic riffs in general, combined with some beautiful solos. His work on this demo is a foreshadowing of some of the great music he would be a part of a few years down the road. Another song I really like here is Shadow of Heart, in which the bass combined with the main riff is ultra catchy and almost feels like an early Dead End track. You gets even more showoff time on Farewell which is a super melodic instrumental shred fest.

The best song here however is the opening track, The Shine of Forever which I had mentioned earlier, starting with a ringing telephone, then someone picking it up and throwing it across the room, exploding into Terra Rosa's future-famous riff. A major difference here is that the song is sung by a male vocalist who doesn't follow the music as closely with his vocals and is clearly singing about something entirely different. The solo also differs vastly, and the song as a whole actually feels much darker than the Terra Rosa rendition, yet is very nearly as deep musically, which impressed me hugely, with a mighty, nearly power metal kind of mood similar to what Hellen or Babylon and of course eventually Terra Rosa were known for.

Jesus' other members certainly aren't slouches either, though none quite match up with You's sheer talent on guitar. Kiyoshi's work is excellent on Le Dernier Slow, with some great melodies and not following You's guitar too closely and is the second best member here. Sharl's drums aren't outstanding, but certainly get the job done. Roza Doi on vocals has some nice power to his voice, though at times they're a little bit shaky and they're a tad quiet in spots, but overall he really does sound fantastic, especially on The Shine of Forever and Shadow of Heart and his volume is just right on those two, and makes up for any weakness in the demo with his performance on them alone.

This is overall a wicked little demo, there's layers and creative elements to the music that aren't typically found on demo-tapes most of the time, and it being one of the first appearances by You Adachi makes it even better. This is a demo that would definitely appeal to most fans of "powerful" heavy metal, as well as Dead End, Terra Rosa and especially You Adachi fans, as most of the music here is right up there with the best of the numerous other great songs he's been a part of.

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