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Reviews » [Review] 3 Inches Of Blood (CAN) - Long Live Heavy Metal
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    I really love 3IOFB , upon listening to their first album Battlecry Under a Wintersun i loved them and then came Advance and Vanquish i mean wow talk about an amazing album and then Fire Up the Blades all seemed to be great with this band i just loved their heavy sound with the combination of the harsh and clean vocals and then came Long Live Heavy Metal an extraordinary album , great production great sound amazing riffs superb songwriting. The songs on this album are great Metal woman a great song , Storming Juno , Leather Lord , and the great look out which is a tribute to the god known as Ronnie James Dio i definitely recommend this album is PURE FUCKING METAL but listen to it yourselves and have an eargasm you wont be disappointed

    Video For Metal Woman (great video clip)

    And a great video for look out
    Every Warrior Has A Gash On His Sword - Lost Horizon

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    many thanks guys
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    Cool, Need to Obtain This Album when Ever i See it, and Those 2 Songs are Pretty Damn Good Even the Song Look Out wich is About the Late Great Dio is Just Amazing
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    love the totally OTT vocals, great fun - and music is top-notch. Definitely an album that screams (literally!) "metal"!!
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    I have a weakness for 3IOB. I own all their albums and for some reason I dislike half the songs on every album.Some songs are imo pretty boring and more of the same so no eargasms on that part.The songs I do like,wich are the most,are kick ass! Long Live Heavy Metal is a decent album with almost no boring (for me) songs on it.
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