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Reviews » [Review] Blood Ceremony - Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI - 9/7/12
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  • Blood Ceremony, an evocative name to be sure. I had seen the great posters for this show around town and thought they were some sort of witch house band, but last night after the gig, as I sat like a sloth on Facebook, I saw something that changed my mind about going out. Most the heads I knew were at this show. My interest piqued, I hopped in the car and made the short jog to this sweet venue. Sliding into home just at the right moment, I arrived just in time to catch the beginning of their set. The crowd was enthusiastic as they launched into the first tune, witch I think was the first track from their latest LP, Living With the Ancients. Their doomy sound was, of course, very sabbath sounding. I would compare what I heard to 13th Sun-era Candlemass. Now, I'm not usually a big doom metal dude but one thing that is common to the bands I do follow is their tight rhythm sections and I can report that Lucas Gadke (Bass) and Andrew Haust (drums) prosecute their duties with flawless efficiency. On the other side of the stage, Sean Kennedy bulldozed a thick, lower-midrange path through the middle of each arrangement, providing blusey Iommisims in the instrumental sections. The band's main attraction (some might say gimmick) is flute wielding lead singer, Alia O'Brien, who scored points with me for her dramatically overblown pronouncements between songs. The house mix could have been better for the vocals, but from what I heard she pretty much dominates. But what of the flute? A couple sentences ago I took a swipe at the inclusion of this instrument as a gimmick, the "metal band with a flute (violin, sitar, didgeridoo, etc.)" syndrome, but I think Blood Ceremony get it right. The arrangements during the sections with flute (Alia also plays a mean keyboard) harken back to Jethro Tull and late 60's "heavy folk" bands like Black Widow and Coven, thus placing their aesthetic firmly in the pre-Sabbath days of occult music. Overall, I would say this would be a great band for fans of doom metal, pagan rock, and traditional heads like myself.

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    Any recent Blood Ceremony live-shows on audio-bootlegs out there? BC is one of my favourites from the new bands coming out in last 4-5 years. Jex Thoth, The Devil´s Blood & others in the same style are quite good too. Recent ones like Black Moth and Purson also hold some interest... ;D
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    The Devil´s Blood & others in the same style are quite good too. Recent ones like Black Moth and Purson also hold some interest... ;D

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