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    Hi Bloodbrothers !

    Here is a selection of Tracks that I love very much and I listen to those days. Too keep a max interest, I have chosen tracks not so well known in order to, maybe, make them discover to you.

    Here we are :

    1. MOST DELTA (Ex-USSR) - Я живой
    2. BORN AGAIN (PL - D) - neverending Fire
    3. AURIGA (CRI) - La Espada y la Ley
    4. ORLOK (ES) - Asi Son
    5. LONEWOLF (F) - iron_religion_(bonus_track)
    6. ARIA - Torero (Live with Orchestra)
    7. KONSUL (Ex-USSR) - Ночные всадники
    8. IZVAN ZAKONA (Serbia) - Civilization (Conan the Barbarian theme)

    Here are some explanations :

    1. MOST DELTA (Ex-USSR) - Я живой (From Most LP / CD 1986)

    Here is a fine HM / EPIC HM Track from a Total Unknown Soviet Band. I like the riffs and the total ambiance. It seems exist in Vinyl, released in 1986 by Melodia as the CD re-issue back cover photo from Stormspell records show, but I never see a single copy. Later on, they released a 2nd LP in 1990, but less Heavy, and it seems that It was only a non-official Tape release as main Soviet productions were.
    There were (and still there is) a lot of non-official Tapes released by astonishing ex-Soviet Bands. Main of them were only hand-written home tape, never ofdficially released as an Album. Enjoy !

    2. BORN AGAIN (PL - D) - neverending Fire (From 7'' 2010)

    Here is an ephemere Band featuring some STORMWARRIOR Members & Marta GABRIEL (CRYSTAL VIPER) on Vocals.
    I like this Track very much. Marta's vocals gives a lot of EPIC feeling to it. Hope you will like it like me !

    3. AURIGA (CRI) - La Espada y la Ley (From Auriga CD 2001)

    Once again, EPIC Heavy Metal !! Fans of Greek EPIC Bands as BATTLEROAR, AIRGED LAMH, will like that Track. THE CD is near impossible to find in that Atlantic side, and I guess even in Costa Rica, their homeland. Enjoy !

    4. ORLOK (ES) - Asi Son (From "Falsa Realidad" Demo 2011)

    My last find ! True Heavy Metal like we all like !! It seems tha Spain has regain a 2nd life in REAL Metal after having fallen into happy melodic shit with true Metal bands as STEEL HORSE or WILD. Here is another example.

    5. LONEWOLF (F) - iron_religion_(bonus_track)(from The Dark Crusade CD re-issue 2012 by Napalm Records)

    When my Friend Jens BÖRNER sent me the demos for what would become The Dark Crusade CD, I was astonished by this Track ! And when he told me that, finally, the Band decided to not include that track in the final CD, I was a bit frustrated as I think that Track is a HAMMER of SPIKED & LEATHERED METAL !! Now, we can listen to it as Napalm Records decided to include it in the re-issue of the CD !!

    6. ARIA - Torero (Live with Orchestra)(from a Russian TV Show - around 1996)

    Just a version of Torero that I Like very much ! Live Track including the Symphonic GLOBALIS Orchestra. Classical Strings and Heavy Metal match very well here and give a new dimension to that Track !! Enjoy pure Beauty !

    7. KONSUL (Ex-USSR) - Ночные всадники (From Demo / Tape 1989)

    Here is another example of Tape never officially released by a Soviet Band. Konsul is great HM, in the vein of Judas Priest / Accept maybe. Anyway, I like the riff and the Chorus very much. That Track was on their 2nd Tape. They have a first tape in 1987, a live tape in 1988 and another one in 1991 which is more Hard Rock. Apparently, according to russian sources, it seems to exist other early tapes too.

    8. IZVAN ZAKONA (Serbia) - Civilization (Conan the Barbarian theme)

    And the final track for the 1st of my Compilatio is an outstanding theme : I don't know what is MORE EPIC than this BASIL POLEDOURIS' CONAN THE BARBARIAN Soundtrack !! Here is a Serbian Guitarist who cover that Track with great Honour. Just a Tribute to M. Poledouris and his astonishing Music. Enjoy Mertalbrothers !!

    Different bitrates but still great sound !

    http://narod.ru/disk/50053343001.22a163 ... I.rar.html
    In 1118, the Templars were formed to protect the pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem, and to defend the Holy Land against the Infidels.
    Now, Templarsteel is here to defend the Holy REAL STEEL against the Infidels who preach trendy modern shits...
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