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    The METAL FORCE - Radio Show – Friday, December 2, 1988 – Rochester, NY
    Full 3-hour show 5pm-8pm on 93.3 WIRQ-FM
    with hosts: Mercyful Mike & The Axe

    recorded live by Ron ‘Evil Eye’ Pappert (whose a guest on the show as well)

    Hidden Link

    New Link 8/3/17

    1. Tape 1 – Side A (46:39)
    2. Tape 1 – Side B (46:18)
    3. Tape 2 – Side A (46:16)
    4. Tape 2 – Side B (37:59)
    5. End of Tape 2 -- off-the-air sounds (0:34)

    Ripped at 320kbps

    Tape 1 – Side A
    Necrophiliac – SLAYER
    The Five Year Plan – D.R.I.
    Funeral / Arrival – KING DIAMOND
    Friday’s Child – NUM SKULL
    Harvester of Sorrow – METALLICA
    Opinionate! – HADES
    The Entity – SACRIFICE
    Winged Assassins – ANVIL
    Choke On It – DEATH
    (cuts off)

    Tape 1 – Side B
    Choke On It – DEATH (cuts in)
    I Am Hell – KRYSTAL SYNN **
    Eleanor Rigby – REALM
    This House Is Burning – REALM (1st half of)
    Chemical Invasion – TANKARD
    Malleus Maleficarum / Antropomorphia – PESTILENCE
    Go Die! – D.R.I.
    Lock Jaw – KRYSTAL SYNN **
    The Ugly Dude – UNCLE SLAM
    Holier – C.O.C.
    I Am He – Crumbsuckers
    (cuts offend of Tape 1)

    Tape 2 – Side A
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – METALLICA (cuts in)
    Liar – MEGADETH
    Deadly Existence – MELIAH RAGE
    A Fine Day To Die – BATHORY
    No Presents For Christmas – KING DIAMOND
    A Dangerous Meeting – MERCYFUL FATE
    A Corpse Without Soul – MERCYFUL FATE

    Tape 2 – Side B
    Abstract War – ASSASSIN
    Sweet Leaf (live) – OZZY OSBOURNE
    Altar Of Sacrifice / Jesus Saves – SLAYER
    I Saw Your Mommy.... – SUICIDAL TENDENCIES
    Slaughtered Remains – NECROVORE ++
    Fade To Black – METALLICA
    (end of showstation goes off the air for the night)

    ** - the Krÿstal Sÿnn songs come from their 1988 demo “Basement Thrash” and members came to the studio to promote the Anvil/Liege Lord concert they were opening for (I was there!). They were a local Rochester, NY band that released 2 killer demos and played a lot of shows locally.

    ++ - taken from the Satan’s Revenge Part II Compilation LP 1988 and the song is from their 1987 demo.

    We did this show during my Sr. year in high school (I was 17 years old) on our schools radio station 93.3 WIRQ-FM. Each week I lugged 7 crates of my own vinyls down to the radio station in my parents station wagon and had to go up to the 2nd floor waaaaay at the end of the hall. We always played called-in requests. My nickname “Mercyful Mike” was given to me by friends at school (members of Diamond Tyr actually) for my love of Mercyful Fate. My co-host ‘The Axe’ was my high school best friend Gary Sauer. We used to jam together; me on guitar and him on drums. We met Ron in November 1988 and he started visiting the show weekly bringing CD’s for us to play. On this night he brought Sacrifice stickers and pins to giveaway on the show to promote their upcoming concert with Motorhead. He also recorded every show from November forward. Ron and I remained friends and did Sonic Insanity radio show from 1989 – 2004. Ron passed away in 2015 of bone cancer (R.I.P.). Thanks to Mr. C who was a great station manager and art teacher at W. Irondequoit High School and WIRQ.
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    The track you don't recall at the end of Tape 1 (side B) is "I Am He" by the Crumbsuckers off of their 'Beast on my Back' LP

    By the way, I love these radio shows. I've been listening to them constantly.

    Here is a youtube link to the song

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