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    SONIC INSANITY Radio Show – Tuesday, December 8, 1992
    Full 3-hour show 7 - 10pm on 88.5 WRUR-FM – Rochester, NY
    w/Evil Eye & The Mercyful One

    1. Tape 1 – Side A (46:21)
    2. Tape 1 – Side B (46:11)
    3. Tape 2 – Side A (46:13)
    4. Tape 2 – Side B (44:04)

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    Tape 1 – Side A
    (Intro Story by ‘Evil Eye’)
    Into Everlasting Fire – IMMOLATION
    Impotent God - HYPOCRISY
    Wind of Gehenna (instrumental) – SÉANCE
    Inferna Cabbala– SÉANCE
    After Afterlife – EDGE OF SANITY
    Pull the Plug – DEATH
    Karelia / The Gathering – AMORPHIS
    Nothing To Die For – OVERKILL
    Abyss Angel – MORTUARY (mex)
    (cuts off)

    Tape 1 – Side B
    Abyss Angel – MORTUARY (…cuts in)
    Altar Of Sacrifice / Jesus Saves – SLAYER
    Visions From Beyond The Grave – NOCTURNUS
    Erotic Literature – MY DYING BRIDE
    Selected Killing – MORGOTH
    Bloodbath – UNLEASHED **
    Infecting The Crypts – SUFFOCATION
    Asphyx (Forgotten War) – ASPHYX
    Liege Of Inveracity – SUFFOCATION
    (cuts off)

    Tape 2 – Side A
    Liege Of Inveracity – SUFFOCATION (…cuts in)
    Crucifixation – DEICIDE
    Haunted – GRAVE
    Blasphemy – MORBID ANGEL
    Sickness - OBITUARY
    Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s Cunt – CANNIBAL CORPSE
    Intro #7 / Unholy Praises – ACHERON
    Drifting Remains – GORGUTS ##
    Vulgar Necrology – AMORPHIS
    (cuts off)

    Tape 2 – Side B
    Vulgar Necrology – AMORPHIS (…very end of)
    Coronation of Our Domain – MALEVOLENT CREATION
    Ins-Through-Mental – CADAVER
    Corporal Jigsore Quandary – CARCASS
    An Act Of The Unspeakable – AUTOPSY
    Put Them To Death – CANNIBAL CORPSE
    Reincarnage – SÉANCE
    Decepted By The Cross – EDGE OF SANITY
    Age Of Dark Renaissance / Urbain Grandier – MALHAVOC ++
    Til Death – OBITUARY
    (screwing around – end of show – sign off)

    ** - we say we play the title track, but we don’t, we play “Bloodbath”.

    ## - During the mic break after this Gorgut’s song, Ron mentions the radio show being on 6 - 10pm, but this night was 7 – 10pm. It used to sometimes fluctuate an extra hour before or after the show depending on the changing station schedule. Sometimes 6 – 10pm, sometimes 7 - 10pm, and sometime 6-11 or 6-midnight.

    ++ - from ‘Shrine’ 1988 studio recordings on “Premeditated Murder” 1992 CD as bonus tracks.

    By this time we started every show with some sort of story or intro that somehow worked its way into the name of the show, welcoming the listeners into our twisted world for 3 hours. We did this for many years, but not for EVERY show. Sometimes we wrote it that week, other times we came up with it on the spot. At some point (late 90’s) the radio station cracked down on us and we did away with the intro stories for fear of being kicked off the station or suspended for weeks on end because they considered it ‘editorializing’ (which happened occasionally). You can also see how death metal dominated our playlist and there’s very little thrash. It was the end of 1992. Thrash had died out, for a little while…..death metal was king. And black metal was to come…

    You’ll hear in the requests read on-air, and written on the Playlist sheets, are all the nicknames our listeners had for themselves. Many were long-time listeners since the beginning like Rob ‘The Prince of Darkness’, The Rochester Slay Team (Morbid, Fear, Armageddon, Zodiac, etc.), Brent ‘The Butcher’, Shane ‘The Undertaker’, Edgar ‘The Caco-Daemon’, Todd ‘The Terrorist’, Dave in Greece, etc…

    This day, December 8th, would have been Jim Morrison’s 50th Birthday.

    The station always had to go off-the-air for an hour for “station clean-up” which all DJ’s had to participate in on a rotating schedule.
    It was Tuesdays at 10pm. It used to be 9pm. It was stupid.

    Ripped at 320kbps on 3/14/17

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