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    Artist: Beggars Jury
    Release: Just Because We Can, 1991
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: USA (Scott City, St. Louis, Missouri)
    Bitrate: 128kbps (quality differs)
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    Beggars Jury, featuring former Stage Crew singer Timexx Nasty, issued the 1991 album 'Just Because We Can' on Uncle Fetus Records. A further album, entitled 'Like We Care' was recorded in 1992 but unreleased. Timexx Nasty and Kenny Keller was earlier in the band Forcer (two songs posted here by Metalhuhn). Nasty subsequently formed Drivin' Rain.

    Timexx Nasty - Vocals (Forcer, Tezer, Stage Crew, Strikeforce, Briar Rose, Passion Play, Nasty Granny, Bone Kings, So Called Gods, Bad Dream, Drivin' Rain, Herman ze German & Friends, The Dokken Tribute, Timexx' Space, Tooth & Nail etc)
    Kenny Keller - Guitars (Forcer, Sweet Cheater, Sticky Sweet, Nasty Granny)
    Chris Mattingly - Bass (Group Therapy, Thunder Ash, Artis, Deep Res)
    Dennis Pennington - Drums (Sackcloth and Ash)

    Official Biography
    In 1991 BEGGARS JURY was a four man metal band from Scott City Missouri. A band that encompasses all the best the metal world had to offer. Powerfully honest lyrics wih a raw edge, Mystery, and talent, talent, talent. Each member is an amazingly accomplished, multi-talened artist, as evidenced by the occasional "BEGGARS JURY Switch" in which two, three, or maybe even all four musicians switch instruments and add an awe-inspiring new dimension to the entertainment. such many faceted musical skills are seldom found on the rock circuit. These guys composed the hottest hard rock act Scott City as had the privilege to host. BEGGARS JURY fans are still a large and loyal group scattered across the continental United States and even reaching overseas. Their original music from their debute album "Just Because We Can" (uncle fetus records) has been played on many area radio stations. And the band has appeared (in fact - headlined) at "The Master Of Rock" and "The Cape Girardeau Peace Fest" in 1991 and 1992. BEGGARS JURY has been featured on several radio and Televison shows. Including a full interview with singer Timexx Nasty and members of St. Louis' Dunwich, on "KFVS 12's Perspective with Mike Shane".

    The Scott City Missouri-based heavy metal band BEGGAR's JURY released its first album called "Just Because We Can" on 9-19-1991. It featured 11 songs from these midwest metal kings. If machnes could have SEX, this tape would mean ORGASM for your stereo.... so just imagine what it will do to you!. Songs like "Young, Wild, & Wasted", "Rock On The Rise", "Go All Night", "Cliche", " Li`l Too High", "The Ledge" "Moon Dog", "Schizophrenia", "Horse Flys In The Shed", and "Mirrors Lie" you won't be able to sit still. Although the band does not endorse any ideas or push any message onto its audience, Nasty said, members try to encourage teens to seek out solutions to their problems. A card or a sticker containing the phone number of the National Youth Crisis Hotline is included in each copy of "Just Because We Can".

    The album was recorded at Riverside Recording Studio in downtown Cape Girardeau and printed in Cape by TJ Enterprises. "When we started out, people told us `you can't make it big in Cape Girardeau,`" said Nasty. "So we wanted to prove them wrong and have the whole album be done from places in Cape." he added "We are proud to be homeboys from Cape. And someday I'll be on the flood wall next to Rush Limbaugh." BEGGARS JURY has played with bands such as : Naughty Naughty, BRIX, The Honey Offering, Dunwich, Teaser, Black Cauldron, Off Center, The Image, Thunder Bay, DeWolf Pack, M.S.I., Steel, W.W. Wiskey, T.K. Matlock, and others. BEGGARS JURY had also been chosen to open for Black Oak Arkansas, Blue Oyster Cult, and Enchanter

    KENNY KELLER is BEGGARS JURY's Lead guitarist. But he's not content to stick to the six string. As he often plays the bass and drums in the BEGGARS JURY shows. K.K. is by far the most talent member of BEGGARS JURY. Which is evadent every time he steps onto the stage. Kenny leaves everyone in amazament with every lick he plays on any insturment he choses. A key song writer for BEGGARS JURY. Kenny puts in all the effort and time into making every project he does be the best it can be. Kenny Keller is currently a freelance musicain for several muiscial acts around the country. And is the head and owner of IBS STUDIOS in Denver and Cape Girardeau. Kenny has also did time in Sticky Sweet, Nasty Granny, and many many other bands.

    Beggars Jury Bassist is CHRIS MATTINGLY. Mattingly has also played in the bands Group Therapy, Thunder Ash, Artis, Deep Rest, and others. Chris is now a full time member of the band MASS DIFFUSION. He is currently doing dates with Mass Diffusion in support of their s/t CD. Mattingly will return to Echo Echo Studios soon to record new tracks for the band.

    Beggars Jury's drummer is DENNIS PENNINGTON. Dennis has kept a low key on the Cape Scene, but has not gone away all togehter. Haveing played with the band SACKCLOTH AND ASH for years. Dennis is still in Cape and plays shows from time to time.

    Beggars Jury's lead singer is TIMEXX NASTY. He has been singing with bands since age 14. Timexx recorded his first album with the Missouri band Stage Crew in 1987. And his second album "Just Because we Can" (uncle fetus records/IBS 2) as the lead screamer for Beggar's Jury in 1991." His amazing vocal range has earned him a lot of attention over the years. Timexx Nasty is currently fronting the rock band DRIvIN' RAIN and is touring the midwest in support of DRIvIN' RAIN's new s/t Cd.
    1. Young, Wild and Wasted
    2. Lil Too High
    3. Teardrop in the Rain
    4. Moon Dog
    5. Rock on the Rise
    6. The Ledge
    7. Cliche
    8. Schizophrenia
    9. The Mirror Lies
    10. Go All Night !!!
    11. Horse Flys In The Shed (cut)

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