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    Artist: Artok
    Release: Artok, EP 1983
    Genre: Progressive / Hard Rock
    Country: Canada
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Requested. Thanks to Dare-Devilina for the help to find it!.
    Heavy / Progressive Rock in the vein of Rush. Limited to 1000 copies.

    Official Biography (from http://artok.org/history-of-artok/)
    Back in the early 1980′s, a metal band from Waterloo Canada named L.O.T.H. was formed and earned a local following.
    Robi Banerji, Rob Taylor and Jack Smith toured eastern Canada from 1980 – 82. In 1983, Rob Taylor and Robi Banerji, eager to record original material, set out at Elora Sound to record an indie EP. After the release of the self titled vinyl ep called Artok in jan 83, they were joined by Berlin Beddesse on keyboards. The band toured and recorded a video of a concert at the famous Coronet in 84, till they disbanded in 85. Robi went on to recording engineering in Toronto.

    In 86, Rob Taylor reformed Artok with Al Affeldt, bass player and vocalist. After extensive touring in 86 – 89, and 3 guitarists later, Rob and Al hooked up with guitarist Rob Juneau, a master singer/songwriter and began recording new material. Push Play by Rob Juneau, ( a great record.) was released. Artok spent the next few years recording. A musical community had formed and various players were recording with Rob and Al. In 1998, Al Affeldt was tragicaly killed in a car accident on the way home from a gig. In 1999, Rob Taylor left Waterloo, to live in LA to reunite with Robi to run a recording studio. That lasted 7 years.

    Rob Taylor in 2006 returned to Canada, with Artok and his new music. In the spring of 2008 Rob began recording with Engineer/producer Eric Duerrstein. Rob had written 10 new songs for the cd and planned on recording a guitar based version of Rush’s song Subdivisions. By the spring of 2009, Rob began to fly back to LA to do overdubs with Robi. By Jan 2010 the cd was mixed by Chris Tristram and Mastered by Mark Chalecki. The band, now Rob Taylor, Robi Banerji, Chris Tristram and Mark Jacobi filmed 10 songs for the dvd videos and youtube specials. The cd “Above Ground” released Dec 24 2010. More info at: https://www.facebook.com/artokband
    1. Eternal Breath
    2. Sailor on the Seas of Faith
    3. Nightmares
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