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    Artist: Candy Harlots
    Release: Five Wicked Ways (1992)
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Bitrate: 192
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    Credit to original uploader.

    This band has been classified as Glam metal/Hard Rock. Personally I think they were more of a Hard Rock band than anything. They're as glam as Guns N' Roses were. The best songs on this in my opinion are "Sister's Crazy" and "Cheat On Me". Mind you these were the only songs I really listened to until I found this download today so there might be some others that I like with a few listens. "Sister's Crazy" was made into a video:

    "Even in the early 90's it was a rarity to find an Australian sleaze metal band, but the Candy Harlots were one. The group had reached Top Forty success in their homeland with the Foreplay EP, but Five Wicked Ways was their attempt to make as much noise in the rest of the world.
    Rocking songs like "Danger", "Cheat On Me", "The Lady Shakes" and "The Wildest Way" played homage to musical influences such as AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. There are two good slower paced songs in "Where No One Dares" and "What Are We Fightin' For", and a nice acoustic number called "Devil's Blues". Pam for Sleaze Roxx, July 2003."

    Aiz Lynch - vocals
    Phil Bowley - guitar and backing vocals
    Peter Masi - guitar and backing vocals
    Leeno Dee - bass and backing vocals
    Tony Cardinal - drums and backing vocals
    01. Backstreet Boys
    02. Sister's Crazy
    03. Danger
    04. Cheat On Me
    05. Where No One Dares
    06. My Flame (Song is missing)
    07. The Lady Shakes
    08. Wrap 2 Arms
    09. The Wildest Way
    10. What Are We Fightin' For
    11. Mercenary Baby
    12. The Other Side Of Love
    13. Devil's Blues
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    Candy Harlots - Five Wicked Ways (1992)

    Candy Harlots (Aus) - Five Wicked Ways (1992) [Scans + Videos]
    Style : Sleaze Rock , Glam Metal , Hard Rock
    Country : Australia
    Audio : 320 kbps + scans + Videos
    Size : 164 mb[/color]

    Candy Harlots were an Australian glam metal band from Sydney, active between 1987 and 1995. They also released material as Helter Skelter and The Harlots. Their musical style is commonly described as sleaze rock, and according to rock music historian Ian McFarlane they were, "An unashamedly macho, decadent lot, with a black leathers 'n' chains and gutter-rock image played out over an entertaining brand of hard-edged rock 'n' roll."[1] They enjoyed Top 20 chart success with their March 1992 EP Foreplay on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Singles Chart and obtained a Top 40 chart position with their sole full-length album Five Wicked Ways in May 1992.

    Candy Harlots were formed in 1987 in Sydney by guitarist Ron Barrett (aka Ron B. Gypsy, ex-Glam Savages), drummer Tony Cardinal (ex-What??!!, Soggy Porridge), vocalist Mark Easton (ex-Suicide Squad, Kelpies, Soggy Porridge, Glam Savages) and bass guitarist Nick Szentkuti (ex-Glam Savages).Shortly after the band was formed Easton met guitarist Marc De Hugar in Melbourne and invited him to join the group. Szentkuti spent six months as bass guitarist; he was followed by Scott Millard (ex-The Faith) and then Leeno Dee (ex-Roxx). The band developed an underground following around Sydney and were offered a recording deal with Virgin Records after three shows but their manager turned down the offer. The contract was not signed until the band's management deal expired four years later. They played frequently in suburban Sydney pubs, including the Kardomah Cafe in Kings Cross and the St James Tavern in the city, and secured support slots with The Cult, Cheap Trick, Divinyls, The Angels, The Sunnyboys, Danish rock band D-A-D and Kings of the Sun.Although the band's popularity steadily increased, their infamous reputation made the securing of a major label contract difficult. Melbourne label 'Au Go Go Records' issued their debut 7" single, Red Hot Rocket, in April 1989 with the initial 500 copies pressed on red vinyl and wrapped in a pair of women's lace knickers.[1] The single was produced by Mick Cocks of hard-rockers Rose Tattoo. The band followed this up with some live dates in Melbourne in mid-1989.Numerous live shows led the band to prominence in the Sydney rock scene, and a follow-up single entitled Danger (backed with Wrap 2 Arms) was released in May 1990 on the Sydney label 'Timberyard'.A friendship between New Jersey's Skid Row and the Candy Harlots was struck after a Hordern Pavilion show in 1990. Both bands jammed on The Troggs' Wild Thing at an after-show party at the Kardomah Cafe, with members of Mötley Crüe (touring at the time) also in attendance.Lead guitarist Marc De Hugar was replaced in 1990 by Phil Bowley (ex-Rags 'n' Riches, Shy Thunder). In October 1990, Ron Barrett died after an asthma attack,at the age of 26. Ex-Flying Tigers guitarist Peter Masi was recruited in his stead. Mark Easton left after a final performance with Candy Harlots at Kardomah Cafe on 22 March 1991. New vocalist Tony 'Aiz' Lynch (ex-Backstreet Shuffle, a sometime support band to Candy Harlots) joined the band soon afterwards, and his songwriting skills helped the band to secure major label interest. Virgin Records signed the band after the track What Are We Fighting For? was played to Virgin representatives including future manager Andrew McManus. The Lynch-led line-up received greater media attention than the Easton-fronted group, and they remained popular with the Australian hard rock and metal fraternity, gaining many new fans through Virgin-backed promotional activities.The Foreplay EP was released in March 1992 and reached No. 17 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Singles Chart.The debut album Five Wicked Ways followed in May, and reached a Top 40 ranking in the ARIA Albums Chart.The album was produced by Peter Blyton (The Radiators, Machinations) and spawned the successful single Sister's Crazy.Virgin Records was eventually bought out by EMI and Candy Harlots were subsequently signed to EMI's US label. Soon afterwards Aiz Lynch was fired from the band, to be replaced by vocalist Hayden Watt (ex-Triple X). In mid-1993, founding drummer Tony Cardinal quit the group along with Peter Masi. However Bowley, Dee and Watt formed a new outfit called Helter Skelter, with the addition of drummer Tubby Wadsworth (ex-Killing Time, Mantissa). They released one single, Cry for Love (an Iggy Pop cover) before Watt was replaced by Jordan Howe. In April 1994 they became known as The Harlots, issuing a self-titled CD EP in October, before dissolving the following year.The line-up of Lynch, Bowley, Masi, Dee and Cardinal reformed for a one-off concert at the Gaelic Theatre in Sydney on 31 October 2009
    Line Up:
    Leeno Dee - bass, backing vocals
    Phil Bowley - lead guitar, backing vocals
    Tony Cardinal - drums, backing vocals
    Peter Masi - guitar, backing vocals
    Aiz Lynch - lead vocals


    1. Backstreet Boys 3:20
    2. Sister's Crazy 4:22
    3. Danger 3:56
    4. Cheat on Me 2:13
    5. Where No One Dares 4:07
    6. My Flame 3:24
    7. The Lady Shakes 3:05
    8. Wrap 2 Arms 4:29
    9. The Wildest Way 3:25
    10. What Are We Fightin' For 4:42
    11. Mercenary Baby 3:45
    12. The Other Side of Love 3:37
    13. Devil's Blues 2:56

    + Video "Danger" (Official Video)
    + Video "Sister's Crazy" (Official Video)

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    I TOTALLY Loved this group, particularly the Album, Five Wicked Ways. I would Dearly Love to one day be able to OWN a copy of the CD.

    I VERY much also Love their song lyrics, in particular the following songs from their Album, Five Wicked Ways:...... "Sister's Crazy", "Where No One Dares", "The Wildest Way", "What Are We Fightin For", "Wrap 2 Arms" & "My Flame".
    If "ANYONE" Anywhere has written copies of these particular Song Lyrics by The Candy Harlots from their 1992 Album, Five Wicked Ways, please, please, please contact me so that I may give you details on how to send copies of the Song Lyrics to me. Thank you in anticipation.
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    reuploaded, maybe someone is still interested...
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