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    Artist: Corbeau
    Release: Corbeau, 1979
    Genre: Female Fronted / Hard Rock
    Country: Canada
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    Reupload request. Original share by metalfranc.
    1st album. A video for "Gisèle" can be seen here.

    Corbeau was a Quebec rock group, very popular at the end of the seventies. The group was formed in 1977 by the film-maker and lyricist Pierre Harel with Michel "Willie" Lamothe and Roger "Wézo" Belval (all previously members of the group Offenbach). Donald Hince joined the group some time later, and Jean Millaire completed the make up of Corbeau after a short tenure with Offenbach. Harel was the lead-singer up until the arrival of Marjolaine "Marjo" Morin, whereupon they shared the role until the departure of Harel just before the launching of their first album in 1979. Corbeau broke up in 1984 after the departure of Marjo and Jean Millaire. In 2009 the original members (with the exception of Pierre Harel) re-united to record one track for Marjo's new album, Marjo et ses hommes. Corbeau re-recorded the track Demain.

    Pierre Harel - Vocals
    Marjolaine "Marjo" Morin - Vocals
    Jean Millaire - Slide, Lead, Acoustic Guitar (Offenbach)
    Donald Hince - Lead & Acoustic Guitar
    Michel "Willie" Lamothe - Bass, Vocals (Offenbach)
    Roger "Wezo" Belval - Drums, Percussion (Offenbach)
    1. Cash-moé
    2. Gisèle
    3. Oui c'est vrai
    4. Pareil
    5. Long à comprendre
    6. Aime-moé là
    7. Agriculture
    8. J'veux mourir à soir
    9. En pièce détachées
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    Artist: Corbeau
    Release: Corbeau
    Genre: Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal
    Country: France Canada
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    Info: Debut LP released in 1979. Very influenced by the riffing of Judas Priest, AC/DC & Rush with some blues influence thrown in. There are 2 different vocalists. The male vocalist has a mostly good voice, although on one or two songs I don't care for the tone, but otherwise he's kind of a 2nd-rate Rob Halford singing in French. The female vocalist reminds me a lot of Kate from Acid. The songs she sings on are GREAT!! So there's 2 weak songs surrounded by great and some outright HEAVY and proto-Metal tracks. The drums pound. I'll bet the drummer worshipped Led Zeppelin. Recommended.
    1. Cash-Moé
    2. Gisèle
    3. Oui C'est Vrai
    4. Pareil
    5. Long À Comprendre
    6. Aime-Moé Là
    7. Agriculture
    8. J'veux Mourir À Soir
    9. En Pièces Détachées

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    Let's give to Caesar what is Caesar's... Corbeau wasn't French but from Quebec.... and Marjo, the female vocalist, many years after this first album, goes in a solo career. Great rockin' band !
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    This album was already posted here:
    Could a mod merge threads?

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