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    Artist: Anashi
    Release: One 4 All, All For 1, Demo 1988
    Genre: Female Fronted / Heavy Metal
    Country: Sweden
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    Swedish heavy metal quintet, active in the late 90s, ANASHI was formed in December 1987 led by Tina Mathiesen, its composer and major lyricist. Without wasting time its melodic metal was contained in a first demo released in early 1988 entitled "One 4 All All For 1". The seven songs enclose were basically metal, featuring some hard rock components like heard in "Nasty" or a wink at Iron Maiden and Scorpions on the guitars of "Got to fight"..... Its successor was "We Got It", a demo which contained 11 new tracks. Just a month after its release Anashi decided to dispense with the services of the Carina Anderson, Tina Mathiesen thus became responsible of the solo guitar, playing both rhythm chords and solo lines. As a quartet they recorded the third demo "Take It Or Leave It," which contained only three songs. At this point the race ANASHI underwent a radical change. Seduced by the call of British and American market, they decided to make an extensive tour through their native Sweden to earn enough money to afford the venture outside Scandinavia.

    A small contingent led by Tina Mathiesen moved to their favorite place London, but also New York and Hollywood to explore the success chances in the three territories, and to set a concert schedule. Full of hope, the full ANASHI went to work with producers whom had worked with known bands i.e (Beach Boys, Steepenwolf, Jon Denver, Linda Ronstadt). ANASHI began with the recording of two new songs, "Mad Dog" and "Too Late". ANASHI concert opening for a jam of musicians of the caliber of bands such as Warrant or Stryper. Lena Svensson's departure led to the entry of Monica Dahlander and the metamorphosis from ANASHI to THE KING'S QUEEN. Again another tour around Sweden to raise sufficient capital to continue. This tour crossed the country in October 1991, however Tina broke up the band after observing the lack of commitment of its components. It was the end of THE KING'S QUEEN, and of ANASHI by default. -

    Ulrika Dahl - Vocals (The King's Queen)
    Tina Mathiesen - Guitar (The King's Queen)
    Carina Andersson - Guitar
    Lena Svensson - Bass
    Catrin Adfors - Drums (The King's Queen)
    1. Get Wasted
    2. Jazz N´Roll
    3. Intro Part 1
    4. Falling Apart
    5. The Light in Me
    6. Young & Wild
    7. Night Time
    8. Nasty
    9. Got to Fight
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