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    Artist: April 16th
    Release: Epitaph, 1999
    Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
    Country: UK (London)
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    The CD "Epitaph" was put together long after the band had been forced to split and features most of the tracks played by the band at gigs.
    Whilst this product is not generally available - you can listen to all of the MP3's at ... iety/music and watch videos at

    Dave Russell - Vocals
    Lawrence Mills - Guitars
    Chris Harris - Guitars
    Eric Puffet - Bass
    John Fisher - Drums

    Info (from ... ciety/biog)
    Hailing from London, hard rock outfit APRIL 16TH began their live career in the summer of 1985. Initially gigging mainly in the south east they now perform throughout the U.K and have recently started to move into Europe. Musically APRIL 16TH have always preferred a raw guitar based sound to that of the cleaner “less real” sound afforded by keyboards. The bands rough edge is further enhanced by the use of a single vocalist instead of the traditional backing vocals set-up. Philosophically the band truly believes in the power of rock music as a form of expression. Their stage presentation is a totally unpretentious and honest, yet powerful and exciting experience. APRIL 16TH despise the use of stage clothing and over-hyped theatrical performances with larger than life egos. At gigs you’ll find and can talk to the band at the bar or the pub next door, not locked away in the dressing room.

    Early recordings of the band generated a lot of interest at many regional radio stations and helped pave the way for “APRIL 16TH” to broaden their gigging horizons. Those same recordings also met with considerable interest from a number of record companies eventually leading to the release of a debut album entitled “SLEEPWALKING” in January 1989. The old yet new, fast but slow, feel of “SLEEPWALKING” soon caught the eye of national rock publications and full page features appeared in several leading magazines. Radio One invited “APRIL 16TH” to record a session Tommy Vance and this, shortly followed by a feature on London Weekend Television, helped lay the foundations upon which the success of the band was built. A second album, as yet un-named is scheduled for release in Europe and the U.K during the latter part of 1990.
    1. She's Mean
    2. Thursday's Child
    3. Midday Man
    4. Don't Drink
    5. Sleepwalking
    6. Clapham Wood
    7. Illusion
    8. Let It Roll
    9. Away
    10. Rattlesnake Shakedown
    11. The Dealer
    12. Bloody Mary
    13. Survivor
    14. Looking for Love
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