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    Artist: Almas Inmortales
    Release: Demo, 1986 / Demo, 1987
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Peru
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Almas Inmortales 1986/1987 demos.

    Also recorded a demo in 1985 ('Falso Monasterio'). A sample can be heard here.

    Almas Inmortales was a Heavy Metal Band formed in Lima-Peru in 1984 by Javier Mosquera ex lead guitar of Oxido another peruvian heavy rock band. After the demise of Oxido, Javier Mosquera always inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Witchfinder General etc decided to start a band that would show his vision of how a Heavy Metal band should sound like thus Almas. Almas Inmortales always sounded heavier than their peers , the band toured heavily the limenian circuit and in 1987 they were one of the 10 finalist in a prestigious rock concert that involved around 400 bands from all over Peru. a tape recorded in 1985 circulated the underground then another more professional tape was recorded in 1987 this time in their ranks was vocalist extraordinarie Miguel Angel Cerveantes who would later be the singer for Masacre, earning them the respect of the South America Heavy Metal scene. The band called it quits in 1989 but their legacy still lives on the on the mind of the Bangers that still remember them as one of the heaviest and best Heavy Metal bands from Peru.

    Last Known Line-Up
    Eduardo Tamaris - Vocals (El Viejo, Praxis)
    Javier Mosquera - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Oxido, El Viejo, Orgus)
    Martin Bazan - Bass, Backing Vocals (Mentes)
    Romulo Hernandez - Drums

    Former / Past Members
    Miguel Angel Cervantes - Vocals (El Loco Cervantes, M.A.S.A.C.R.E, El Viejo, Jerusalem, Terrenal)
    Liliana Linares - Vocals (Lunix)
    Marco Kuong - Vocals (Jerusalem)
    Cesar "Nano" Vascones - Vocals
    Miguel Alayza - Vocals
    Bobby Walter - Bass
    Papo Vallenas - Drums (Orgus)
    Julio Ortega - Drums
    Demo, 1986
    1. Siervos De La Inmundicia (Live)
    2. La Maldición De La Pirámide (Live)

    Demo, 1987
    1. Creyente De Una Sonrisa
    2. Mensajero De Los Cielos
    3. Siervos De La Inmundicia
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