Bootlegs [Heavy / Power] » Arch/Matheos (US) - Live at Keep It True Festival XV [Bootleg] (28/4-2012)
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    Lauda-Königshofen, Germany
    April 28th, 2012
    Keep It True Festival XV

    Master audience recording by mordred aka fingolfin

    Zoom H2 internal microphones 120 degrees mode -> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (volume balancing, level adjustments) -> CD Wave Editor (tracking) -> Trader's Little Helper (flac conversion level 6, fingerprints generated)

    I´ve downloaded this epic show from Dimeadozen, but since not everyone has a Dime account, I thought it would be nice to share it here with you. I do respect the wish of the original uploader to not share this in a lossy format, so I kept the original FLAC files. I expect you to don´t upload this anywhere else in lossy formats as well. If anyone has other KIT XV 2012 shows, please share them (especially the Mystic Force set).

    CD 1:
    01. Neurotically Wired
    02. Midnight Serenade
    03. The Sorceress
    04. Stained Glass Sky
    05. Damnation

    CD 2:
    01 The Apparition
    02. Any Given Day (Strangers Like Me)
    03. Guardian
    04. Epitaph
    05. Exodus

    Uploaders notes: For those that don't know Arch/Matheos is essentially Fates Warning (guitarists Jim Matheos and Frank Aresti, bass player Joey Vera and drummer Bobby Jarzombek) but with original Fates Warning vocalist John Arch instead of current vocalist Ray Alder. They put out a cd called "Symphatetic Resonance" last year and this was their first show as Arch/Matheos and also John Arch's first show in 25 years. The set featured four songs off their album and six songs off those first three Fates Warning albums that John Arch sang on. I'm usually very reluctant to upload any of my masters but I figure lots of fans would want to hear this and to my understanding Arch/Matheos will only be playing a handful of shows so many will not get the chance to catch them live. Please respect my wish of not spreading this recording in mp3 format and not sell it. Other than that, feel free to share it in its original format. Enjoy.

    CD 1: Hidden Link
    CD 2: Hidden Link
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    I bootlegged almost all the shows at this KIT edition(including Mystc Force -- btw Arch/Mateos is video,all the others are audio)by using my Zoom Q3HD,i am working on the files and sooner or later...
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    Yeah, certainly was a fantastic show, too bad the band was adamant that there were no cameras working. Okay, 25 years of stage hiatus may leave you wondering what your performance may be like, but it was near to perfection (okay certainly not in Mr. Matheos ears, but for us normal mortals). This will leave a cleaving gap on the next Festival DVD, so all the more thanks for this "plaster of consolation"!
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    I went to see the show mainly because of the FW songs... so I was a bit dissapointed 'cos of all the new stuff - but John still has it(!)

    Thank you for sharing this.
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    for guardian alone this will stand as a unique moment in time
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    New link (mp 320kbps): Hidden Link

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