Lossless [Speed / Thrash] » Slayer (US-CA) - Live at Ruthie's Inn, San Francisco, CA [SBD Bootleg] (31/12/1984) [Lossless FLAC]
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    Artist: Slayer
    Location: San Francisco, California (CA)
    Venue: Ruthie's Inn
    Date: 31/12/1984
    Genre: Old School Thrash Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: FLAC (Soundboard)
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    This show is part of the tour of the disc "Show No Mercy". The presentation is in the repertoire of the first disc with songs from the EP "Haunting the Chapel", launched in August 04, 1984.

    The audio was recorded directly to the sound table.

    The song "Necrophiliac" was played live for the first time in this show. It was recorded on the disc "Hell Awaits", launched in March 1985.

    The track 6 "Crionics" is a music extremely rare to find in version played live, even more with good audio quality. A real gem.

    "Captor of Sin" & "Haunting the Chapel" are tracks from the EP "Haunting the Chapel".

    "Aggressive Perfector" was originally released on a compilation "Metal Massacre Vol. 3 ". It was included in subsequent prensagens EP "Haunting the Chapel".

    "Face the Slayer", "The Final Command", "Crionics", "Fight 'Till Death", "The Antichrist", "Black Magic", "Die By The Sword", "Evil Has No Boundaries", & "Show No Mercy", are songs from the album "Show No Mercy", launched in December 03, 1983.

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    Line-up / Musicians

    Tom Araya - Bass / Vocals
    Jeff Hanneman - Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar
    Kerry King - Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar
    Dave Lombardo - Drums

    Songs / Tracks Listing

    01. Aggressive Perfector (2:15)
    02. Face the Slayer (3:15)
    03. The Final Command (2:10)
    04. Captor of Sin (3:45)
    05. Necrophiliac (3:40)
    06. Crionics (3:37) **
    07. Fight 'Till Death (3:16)
    08. The Antichrist (2:48)
    09. Haunting the Chapel (4:02)
    10. Black Magic (3:56)
    11. Die By The Sword (3:40)
    12. Evil Has No Boundaries (2:48)
    13. Show No Mercy (3:14)

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