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    Artist: Burian
    Release: Live in Studio 1998
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Italy
    Bitrate: WAV
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    Burian were born in 1994 as Old Fox, an original project trying to combine egyptian ancient mythology, Death metal and influences from Iron Maiden's Powerslave

    Original line up was: Samuele Biagini (Bass), Leandro Gestri (Drums), Tiziano Cocchi (Vocals) and Giacomo Lapi (Guitars, later in Garant and Rexor).

    Around the end of 1995 Fernando "Blackness" is recruited and there's the big shift towards satanic black metal.
    Also Luca Cadeddu joins as 2nd guitarist but in early 1996 he leaves in order to form Sigillum Dei Ameth and many other projects (Satan's Socks - a demential black metal band who released a demo tape, Opus Mortifer and many others)

    Leonardo "Sir Martinel" Giusti and Stefano "Lord Sargatanas" Ammannati (later in the newly reformed Icehenge who were previously known as Grimorium for some time) replace Luca Cadeddu and Giacomo Lapi (who is going to form Garant) while the original drummer Leandro Gestri is unavailable for the whole 1997 because of military duty. During 1997-1998 several drummers are playing with the band: Puio (a nice friend who lasted 2-3 rehearsal), Lorenzo Magni (Warfront, Gorefuck, G.O.E., Grenzlinie, Brzuchy, Mortesecca, Stilnox, Septulchu, Enbilulugual and countless more...), Luca "Necromancer" Grimaldi (whos is playing on the only official demo 1998), the returning Leandro Gestri for a short time in 1998, Alessandro Bandera (Satan's Socks and sessionist for countless local bands) and lastly Emanuele "Gattestod" Trinci for the last concert held at Siddartha Club in early 2000.

    The only official demo (already posted here) was recorded at Hilt's basement (a guy who is running a black-ambient project called Winterblood) and between 1999-2000 new line up changings occurred: Luca "The Abyss" Motta replaces the original founder Samuele Biagini and Fabrizio "Funeral" Bove (also in the progressive gothic-metal band Darkaura who released the "Aura dal Cielo" Demo tape in 1997) joins as permanent keyboardist.

    Last concert was held in 2000 after a few months of hiatus: shortly after the band splits because the vocalist Fernando "Blackness" goes back to his birthplace in south of Italy and the two guitarists joing Grimorium and rename them back to the original monicker Icehenge

    This is a ultra rare recording made in studio somewhere in 1998 with original drummer Leandro Gestri.... the only survived copy miracolously rescued a few days ago. It was recorded for the purpose to join a local compilation CD called "Kardato Rockato a Palla" (with other metal bands among others: Dragonsden, Powertano, Waracle, Ozar, Unsane Pleasure) but the band, as well as many others who released promo tapes for the purpose, was not included

    I also put new links with new listenable rips for the Demo 1998 and the live in studio 1999
    1. Born to pray in hell
    2. Beyond the pentagram
    3. Shub Niggurath
    4. Winternorth
    5. Berenice


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