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    Artist: Auramoth
    Release: Hadha' Yah Amon Quasahi Vampyre Demo 1994
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Italy
    Bitrate: Mp3
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    The greatest, best rembered, most ferocious black metal band from Florence in the first half of the 90's

    To trace the short history of Auramoth we must dig deep into the most obscure figures in town back at the time, when Gianluca Lombardini (vocals, later in the cult crust/chaos band Fuck Off), Luca (ex Die Christ), Lorenzo and Andy were actively seen in the several social squat of the time: CPA, ex Emerson, Indiano, Jungla Okkupata...

    Also Carlo Bellotti (Charles Blasphemy, singer in Necromass) joined the band as drummer (you can see him with a mask in the live pictures) but left a few days before the recording of the only demo (which was released with the help of a drum machine): with him there's a memorable live at the Indiano social squat where a lot of votive candles were thrown onto the face of spectators.

    The demo was recorded in 1994 and shortly after a few new songs were rehearsed for a supposed 7" which never saw the light of day due to numerous situation. Among these songs were "Opium" and "Naked in Black".

    The greatest feature of the band - lasted only less than 3 years - was their total devotion to the world of social squats and its philosophy, having played only in places such as CPA, Indiano, La Jungla Okkupata and Bubu7te, all social squats in Florence. More or less all the band members kept living the scene of social squats with new bands or different projects. Gianluca became the guitarist of the infamous crust-chaos Fuck Off and released the seminal "Carro Bestiale" Demo Tape in 1996 while other members either kept playing in other hardcore bands or new black metal bands (Cryogen, Merdiolence, Suicide Of Nation, Altar of Perversion and many other more or less known)

    During a concert at Bubu7te there was a big fight with Carlo Bellotti (at the time fully concentrated in Necromass) for some unspecified rivalry between the two bands which was lasting for long time and also because Necromass' logo was mistaken on the flyer causing some resentment in an already really unstable and nervous line up.

    From a short but intense biography sent by Gianluca himself:

    "During those times, the arms race started to begin: black metal was pushed by magazines, fanzines, tv and so on... Burzum was burning churches and not armless spectators at Indiano squat... the TRVE EVIL started to break everybody's balls and - as proven by the last concert at Bubu7te Squat, we found ourselves in open contrast with the circus of 30cm spikes at our wrists and with cadaver-like face painting.
    Before the concert at Bubu7te Squat, I had a talk with Andy and we agreed that was the last bullet to shoot.
    And I feel that if after 25 years we're still here to talk about Auramoth, it was not shot in vain"

    For everybody in Florence and Tuscany, they were simply a myth: as a band and as persons.

    Note that there has never been a so called "Demo '94" as listed on MA: those are just songs from the only demo ever recorded.

    Note 2: these songs were originally in mp3 and then "pumped" in WAV and somehow restored by some friends a few days ago
    1. Will of the Whip (Intro)
    2. Iaida Qliphoth Satana
    3. De Soliloquium Sub Larvae Incarnis (Sodomya Magicka)
    4. The Next Millenium Is Ours (Outro)
    5. Naked in Black (Rehearsal at Neuromusic 1994)
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