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    Artist: Estranged
    Release: Pray for the Sun
    Genre: Doom Metal
    Country: USA (Minnesota)
    bitrate: 320kbps
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    Just a fantastic Album that must be heard.


    Randy Roberts - Vocals, Keyboards
    Billy Mingo - Guitars, Backing Vocals
    Derek Nash - Bass, Backing Vocals
    Gabe Kaster - Drums, Backing Vocals

    Tracklist: (Track 7,8 are ripped together)

    1. Hangman's Face (Inspired by David Koresh)
    2. Sight Unseen
    3. Season of Hate
    4. Life's so Strange
    5. Bleed
    6. All That Remains (Inspired by Patricia Cornwell)
    7. No Outlet (Inspired by Kris)
    8. Wasteland
    9. The Fist
    10. Void
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    Thanks, mate!
    Do you have any hint about the release date? From the lyrical themes (David Koresh etc) must be post-1993. Additionaly, tapes were very rare in the late 90's. So it was probably released in the mid 90's.
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    cheers !

    track 7 is both 7 & 8

    Type of Work:Musical work
    Registration Number / Date: PA0000706034 / 1994-05-02
    Date of Publication: April 1, 1994
    Date of Creation: 1994
    Title: Pray for the sun
    Application Title: Pray for the sun songs.
    Description: Sound cassette.
    Copyright Claimant: Bill Mingo
    Notes: 8 selections.
    Authorship on Application: music & arr.: Bill Mingo, 1973-, Gabe Kaster, 1974-, & Derek Nash, 1972-.
    Randy Roberts 1971-
    Bill Mingo 1973-
    Gabe Kaster 1974-
    Derek Nash 1972-
    huge appreciation & thanks to all the uploaders the rest..CONTRIBUTE

    mediafire deleted my account......PM me for any re-uploads
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    MALINKU,mega thanx for this rare post! I agree with you ,simply perfect metal with a doomy aura! For starters song#6 "All that remains" and song #7 "No outlet" are the ones ripped together,at 5:18 begins the songs merge!So in the file track #7 is "Wasteland"!! Now, the tape's music,is simply awesome! Song #1 comes in with a riffing that brings to mind CONFESSOR(US) and SLAYER at their slower atmospheric tunes!Song #2 has rythm pattern and drumming like CELTIC FROST at their peak period in mid 80's,but it's more technical and the vocals are eerie,melancholic and dramatic!Randy Roberts the singer does even some KING DIAMOND style falcetto singing in songs #4,#5 & #6!!"Bleed",song #5, has an OBSESSED style aura and doom excellence!!In all songs the bass leads us in tortured doomy paths and dimensions and doesn't just accompany the guitar lines!After a quick hear, you got the impression of a blending of elements of a lot unique bands, like COUNT RAVEN,WITCHFINDER GENERAL ,PENTAGRAM , WRETCHED,ELDRITCH RITE and even weirdos like JESTERS OF DESTINY! The albums closes with a melancholic melodic piece like an epitaph,where Randy delivers passionate vocals,you can feel his desperation.... A great album? Hell yes!!! A must hear? Of course!!! Simply haunting,thanx MALINKU!! porosimetal
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    Thanks for the upload! The bad news is that I am gonna review it. There is NOTHING worse than a fanzine or site that likes EVERYTHING. This tape has a killer first track that brings to mind the better moments of Solitude Aeturnus and a slew of other american doom bands through the ages. After turns into a boring mish-mash of other bands. Penance, Fates Warning, Count Raven - someone mentioned Eldritch Rite but i disagree.
    Towards the end and latter half of the middle you are treated to some Mercyful Fate ripoffing and a little touch of european doom at it's worst moments. I remember this Tape being reviewed in a zine maybe in 95 and i remember turning the page quickly. Thank you Metal Gods for that. Remember: opinions are like
    assholes, we all have them.
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    Thanks for the upload! The vocals buggers me at times but that's the only problem i have with it.
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    Estranged info: The band also had a 7 song EP sometimes called "one of the estranged" or the "joy lab sessions" named after the studio it was recorded in. Song titles include "one of the estranged","sea of dreams","headaches","the rhyme of pain and rain","why?", "disguise of love"and the original recording of "the void". Admittedly it was uneven as the band was looking for its own sound. It was recorded before "Pray for the Sun" and got them the Emerald records deal. The band was often mistaken as a band from Europe and was asked to do a European tour. I had friends who knew the band and I am close to getting a copy of " one of the estranged" and will get it out as soon as possible. I had a copy but ex girlfriend took it.
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    New link: Hidden Link

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    Links is dead! :(

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