Bootlegs [Doom] » Death SS (Ita) - Live at Curno, Italy [Bootleg] (2/9-1988)
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    Band: Death SS
    Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal
    Country: Italy
    Release: Audience live bootleg
    Date: 02-09-1988 (2nd of Septemper 1988)
    City: Curno (Bergamo - Italy)
    Venue: Spazio Estate - City Park - HM Night VI
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    HM Night was an underground festival organized during the 80s in the north of Italy (near Bergamo)
    and dedicated to the italian metal bands of that era, Sabotage, Crying Steel, Steel Crown, Skanners. R.A.F. and many more played there,
    and during the sixth edition, Death SS headlined the bill.

    Actually Sylvester left the band at the end of 1982(replaced by Sanctis Ghoram) because of his friction with P.Chain but the new line up
    lasted less than a year, in fact Paul Chain denied satanism and devoted himself to his Violet Theatre (do you remember "Detaching
    from Satan"?), while Steve Sylvester retired from the stage...

    In 1987 P.Chain and Minotauro Records released "The Story of Death SS 1977-1984"
    and a celebration concert (without Sylvester!) took place in Soliera (Modena)
    the 5th of June 1987 (a rare vhs bootleg of this show, now also on dvd,was made),
    but Sylvester himself that night left a banner written with blood out of the venue saying:

    "Death SS significa in Death of Steve Sylvester, ma Steve Sylvester è ancora vivo..."
    (Death SS means in Death of Steve Sylvester, but Steve is still alive...)

    In 1988 S.Sylvester(after registering the rights of the name of the band) made his comeback on the scenes with a new line up
    (who included some musicians from Firenze based bands)
    and this is the very first concert played by the new incarnation of the band,
    i also included the original flyer in the rar,enjoy it!!!

    Line up(in this gig):
    Stefano Silvestri(aka Steve Sylvester aka The Vampire) - lead vocals
    Andy Fois(also with Sabotage - aka Kurt Templar aka The Zombie) - guitar
    Mario Assennato(also with Machine Messiah - aka Christian Wise aka The Death) - guitar
    Ezio Lazzerini(later with Il Trono dei Ricordi - aka Erik Landley aka The Mummy) - bass
    Mimmo Palmiotta(later with Domine - aka Boris Hunter aka The Werewolf) - drums
    01 - Intro
    02 - Murder Angels
    03 - Zombie
    04 - Black Mummy
    05 - Werewolf
    06 - Cursed Mama
    07 - Terror
    08 - Horrible Eyes
    09 - Come To The Sabbath
    10 - Outro
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    Thanks. Being a bit old recording I hope in a good (i.e. not bad) show (considering "some" stupid blabbing "persons" involved in THIS so-called "band")
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    a pleasant surprise, I can only say that I was present at the concert, I live right next to the country where it happened, unfortunately it's been a long time since that 1988.
    thanks NSN65
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    The bass player and the drummer in this line-up were: Henry Caroli (bass) and Alex Marcelli (drums). Thanks for uploading.
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    Death SS (Ita) - Live at Curno, Italy [Bootleg] (1988-09-02) 320
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