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    Artist: V/A
    Release: One Foot In Fire : A Tribute To Cirith Ungol
    Year: 2005
    Genres: Traditional Heavy Metal/Doom/Power Metal
    Country: Various
    Bitrate: 256kbps (VBR)
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    CIRITH UNGOL began with Greg Lindstrom, Robert Garven, Jerry Fogle and Pat Galligan, (who later played guitar for ANGRY SAMOANS), playing in their first band TITANIC whilst still in high school.
    With a desire to play heavier music, the band parted with Galligan and relaunched themselves in 1972 with Neal Beattie on vocals, as Cirith Ungol.
    The name came from a place in J.R.R. Tolkein's fantasy novel "Lord Of The Rings", a book the band would return to for lyrical inspiration.
    Robert Garven recalls, "In retrospect I wish we had picked something easier to remember because a lot of our trouble has been over our name.
    People couldn't pronounce it or remember it, we've been called "Sarah's Uncle" and "Serious Uncool".
    It was not until 1980 that they released their first album "Frost And Fire", the band by now featuring the distinctive Tim Baker on vocals.
    Musically, their first album was a cross between 1970's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, with songs written by bassist Greg Lindstrom and drummer Robert Garven.
    From 2nd album "King Of The Dead", they played a more Progressive style of Doom infused Heavy Metal with songs primarily written by vocalist Tim Baker.
    Album number three, "One Foot In Hell" was issued in 1986, and saw the band play shows in support of the record with bands as diverse as ARMORED SAINT and RATT.
    Following their fourth album, the patchy "Paradise Lost", Cirith Ungol split up, due in part to frustrations with their new label Enigma Records and members personal and inter-personal problems.
    Founding guitarist Jerry Fogle sadly died from liver failure on August 20, 1998.
    Despite their obscurity for most of their time together as a band, Cirith Ungol's reputation has grown immensely in the time since.
    The now enjoy a greater degree of respect and influence than they ever did whilst they were active, thanks in part to the internet.
    In 2001 a new Cirith Ungol album, the 2-CD "Servants Of Chaos", was released.
    The album which contained old previously unreleased demos and songs, was issued by Metal Blade Records.
    The album was supported by both Lindstrom and Garven, but not by Tim Baker.
    In 2005 a tribute album, "One Foot In Fire" was released by Solemnity Music featuring a host of international bands performing Cirith Ungol cover versions.
    Some of the songs were originally recorded for other projects, sometimes years earlier, whilst others were created specifically for the album.
    The booklet for the CD contained linernotes written by Cirith Ungol co-founder Robert Garven.
    Garven was very impressed by the finished tribute album, saying, "I was blown away by the covers that just came out on the Cirith Ungol tribute album.
    I think some of their versions of our songs are better than our originals!"
    Greg Lindstrom now plays with a new band called FALCON, who have released two albums to date.
    Baker and Garven no longer play music.

    art & txt included
    01. ROTTEN - Cirith Ungol Overture
    02. FALCON - Shelob's Lair (Remix)
    03. SOLEMNITY - What Does It Take?
    04. HOLY MARTYR - Frost And Fire
    05. DAWN OF WINTER - Doomed Planet
    06. ASSEDIUM - Black Machine
    07. EMERALD - Heaven Help Us
    08. MONSTRUM - Fallen Idols
    09. ROSAE CRUCIS - Death Of The Sun
    10. BATTLE RAM - Join The Legion
    11. CRYSTAL VIPER & ELIXIR - Chaos Rising
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