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  • Lesson on how to use ifolder.

    Never download a file with the .exe extension unless you trust the source. There should never be a need for a music file to have the .exe extension. Sometimes you might see the warning "this site contains malicious software ...", but as long as you only download files with the .rar or .zip extension there should be no problem. Also do not download any "download managers". If you see a popup that locks up your screen and the Esc(escape) key does not remove the popup, then click ctrl-alt-delete at the same time to close the browser. DO NOT CLICK THE POPUP. Get into the habit of closing popups by right clicking the window tab instead of clicking the popup "X" close button. In some cases a computer will "lock up" and you might have to unplug the computer from the wall to restart the machine. Follow these rules to avoid being infected with malware or a virus. I have not used anti-virus software in 10 years without any problems by following these rules.

    Ifolder(Rusfolder) Lesson -

    1) In the middle of the page, look under the section labeled "Бесплатно"(free) and select the option for "С просмотром рекламы Ожидание 30 секунд"(With photo advertising, Wait 30 seconds). The other option "Через менеджер загрузки" is for downloading the "boot manager" or download manager and is not recommended due to security risks. Some older files from rusfolder can no longer be downloaded without the download manager(likely adware or malware).
    2) Click the red "cкачать" button below the select options to move to the next page.
    3) Currently (May 2015), you might see the screen with a 5 second timer (not 30 seconds). Wait for the timer and press the "Skip Ad" button. Alternately, you might see a screen with advertisements instead of, and if so click on any of the ad links in the middle of the screen to start the 30 second timer. After the timer ends click the red "cкачать" button.
    4) A new window will open. Enter the 4 digit code.
    5) Click the red "cкачать" download link in the middle of the next page.

    This lesson will be updated when ifolder(rusfolder) makes any changes. Any questions or suggestions are welcome.
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    If there's still a problem to download from NAROD i suggest you to install ADBLOCK.

    For Firefox: ... lock-plus/
    For Chrome: ... kkbiglidom
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    Narod kept insisting i install some kind of tool bar but then i unchecked a small box with a sideways IE icon thats within a yellow box and that solved the issue
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    Russian hosting sites are shit. I try to avoid ifolder posts at all costs, unless it's something i've been wanting for a long time.

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    The main sources of my uploads are from blogs (mostly lockjaw - R.I.P.), myspace, youtube and other outlets. Many thanks to the original uploaders for sharing their music with us.
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    The first example link has to be changed - leads to a removed file. Here's an alternative example:
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