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    To sum it up:

    1. Search!
    Use the [Search] button and look if not been posted already.
    Try a web search. Gather information about your request and see if it´s for download anywhere else.

    2. Request
    Choose the proper section to make your request and set up a proper subject line. It looks like:
    [Request type] Bandname (Country code) - Albumtitle [optional: format] (release year)

    There are 5 (maybe 6) phrases to fill in:
    a) Request type: Choose NEED RE-UP if the album´s already posted but the link is dead.
    Choose REQS if your request hasn´t been posted before.
    b) The band´s name.
    c) Look up the country codes here. There´s two exceptions: We use UK for United Kingdom and GER for Germany, although GBR and DEU would be the proper ones. Also USA is often shortened to US.
    d) The title of the release you´re looking for.
    e) [format]: Only use this if it´s not a full-length. - Like ep, single, demo or bootleg.
    f) Don´t forget to add the year of release.

    ► Fill in your post (called 'message body' there):
    Always add a link to a site to make clear what exactly you´re searching for. This includes extra information like cover picture, tracklist or maybe lineup and so on. Metal-Archives or Discogs could be a good idea to start with.
    If there´s no website to show what you need, specify yourself. Don´t forget to add tracklist, cover image and any other information you got.

    Not that hard, is it? - And (while posting) it all shows up in the red box above to remind what´s needed.

    Let´s have an example with your recent requests:
    BAD LOSER - utter Indifference
    1. A Search for Bad Loser returns five results. → request found.
    So no need to cry about bad reputation if you don´t even search for it. It´s been posted 5 years ago and the link still works!

    ► [REQS] Looker - Luck of the Draw [1987]
    1. Search Looker. Two requests will show up. Upload them if you have those.
    2. Create a new topic in the Hard Rock section:
    subject: [REQS] Looker (Can) - Luck of the Draw (1987)
    link: ... e/10444342
    That´s it. Make another request for the second album Indecent X-posure [1990].

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