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    Digital files for sale from official label, Retroactive Records ... son/250514

    Kreyson - 20 Years Of Kreyson (2009)
    Year : 2009
    Style : Hard Rock , Heavy Metal
    Country : Czech Republic (Prague)
    Audio : 320 kbps + scans
    Size : 94 mb

    01. Judgement Day (Kreyson)
    02. Cursing And Crying (Archa)
    03. Ten (Skalp)
    04. Cry Out (Fade Out)
    05. The Lord Will Come (Já chci se ptát – Vitacit)
    06. Mary (Snad odpustíš – Vitacit)
    07. Parable (Upíří láska)
    08. Stay (Zůstaň na kolenou)
    09. Endure The Night (Čarovná noc)
    10. Warrior Angel (Anděl na útěku)
    11. Salome

    The group called "Kreyson" was founded in 1989. Their album "Andel na uteku" (Angel on the Run) was released in 1990. It was recorded in Hannover, where both Czech and English version emerged. The frontmen of the group were Ladislav Krizek and Jaroslav Barton who participated in music creation to a great extent. For the album „Andel na uteku“ the group was awarded a Gold Disc. The next Gold Disc was awarded to them for an album called „Krizaci“ (Crusaders). In 1994 Lada Krizek, as the best selling rock music interpret after November 1989, is awarded a Diamond Disc. Kreyson met with a great success also in Germany and Japan in the 1990s. The group went for a concert tour there. Lada Krizek was invited by Running Wild to record two CDs, and he cooperated also with R. Blackmoor, Jr. Ladislav Krizek an awardee of 1 Diamond and 6 Gold Discs, founder of a group called KREYSON, representative of the first white metal group from the Heart of Europe. In 1991 we had a chance to see a few articles, which appeared in German newspapers.

    Ladislav Křížek did backing vocals on the Running Wild album "Death Or Glory". In return, Rolf Kasparek (Running Wild) produced the English version of the first Kreyson album "Angel on the Run".Křížek also sings in the pop band Damiens, along with his brother.

    Line Up:
    Luděk Adámek Bass - See also: Vitacit, ex-Miloš Dodo Doležal
    Zdeněk Pradlovský Drums - See also: Death Strike, Master, Shaark, Vitacit, Urschullum, ex-Chaos in Head
    Radek Kroc Guitars - See also: Vitacit, ex-Ferat
    Ladislav Křížek Vocals - See also: Vitacit, ex-Citron
    Peter Boška Guitars (2011-present)

    Angel on the Run / Anděl Na Útěku Full-length 1990
    Trápení / Není Marné žít Single 1992
    Crusaders / Křižáci Full-length 1992
    Elixír Života Full-length 1993
    Zákon Džungle Single 1995
    Zákon Džungle Full-length 1995
    The Best of Kreyson Compilation 1996
    Noc Plná Hvězd - Live Třinec 2007 Live album 2008
    20 Years of Kreyson Compilation 2009
    Promo Singl Single 2011
    Návrat Krále Full-length 2013

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