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  •  ! RunningWild wrote:
    easternthunder wrote:These tracks were officially re-released on March 06th 2020 by Skol Records.
    Artist: Sacred Alien
    Release: Demo, 1981 (?)
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320kbps
    Thanks to Egbert for the rip!.

    This seem to be ripped from a radio broadcast (you can hear the host talk about a demo-tape at the end of track 2 before it cuts). I guess it could be taken from the 4-track demo mentioned at: http://dunsyscupboardofmetal.wordpress. ... red-alien/

    "Sacred Alien’s four-track demo is pretty intriguing. Nor your traditional headbanging fare, it’s characterised by epic, almost free form psychedelic’ guitar work, high-pitched vocals and wordy, perhaps mystical’ lyrics. One earful of the song called ‘Portrait’ and you’ll hear what I mean. Queen, Led Zeppelin and Rush are the names that come to mind when you search for influences – Ainscow occasionally cops licks from Alex Lifeson and Canning’s flexible vocal work alternately soars like Freddie Mercury’s and then wails like Robert Plant’s. The end of a track called ‘Energy’, for example, is almost Achilles Last Stand’ revisited! Meanwhile ‘Eternal Flame’, an infectious inferno, is likely to be the debut single and as long as the group abandon their attempts to be sensitive’ and ‘meaningful’ (a reference to the atrocious beginning to Both Sides Of The Globe) ahealthy future is assured. Remember you heard it here first."
    1. Flames of Heat (Eternal Flame?)
    2. Energy
    3. From Both Sides of the Globe

    Scan of the note that came with the mixtape

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    The tracks on the original Sacred Alien Demo (summer 81) were: 1. 'Portrait' (not listed here) 2. Eternal Flame (of the Heart) 3. On Both Sides Of The Globe and 4. Energy. It was recorded in Graveyard studios (next to a graveyard natch) early in 81. The version of Energy on the first single is a re-recording. There was a track called 'Attack' but it was never recorded.I have heard that a live version exists from Salford GLAM METAL Fest in 1983. As reviewed in Kerrang at the time. Silverwing actually released an album recorded at the show (Live & Kicking I think). The original demos are due for a release soon. Watch the skies!

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    The 1st track, confirmed - it's title is "Eternal Flame".

    This upload is a bit messed up :

    1 - Eternal Flame (of the "Pennine Sound Studios" Demo of 1981)
    2 - Energy (of the "Graveyard" Demo of 1981)
    3 - Both Sides Of The Globe (of the "Graveyard" Demo of 1981)

    The "Pennine Sound Studios" Demo has in total 2 tracks - so, it misses here 1 track - "Welcome Inside"
    The "Graveyard" Demo has in total 3 tracks - so, it misses here 1 track - "Portrait Of A Saddened Mind".

    I'm aware of 1 live recording (the quoted above Salford College of Technology in 1983 and a Picadilly Radio Session in 1982 (not sure if this session was a kind of "live on the radio studio" recordings...
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    These tracks were officially re-released on March 06th 2020 by Skol Records. ... e/14818472 ... nds/830741

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