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  • Artist: Demolition
    Release: Wrecking Crew : The Demolition Anthology (1981)
    Label: High Vaultage Records RB-1005 (2006) / High Roller Records HRR 109 (Ltd Edition of 500 copies) (2011)
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 192kbps

    DEMOLITION - Wrecking Crew : The Demolition Anthology (1981) UK
    CD : High Vaultage Records RB-1005 (2006)
    Vinyl : High Roller Records HRR 109 (Ltd Edition of 500 copies) (2011)


    01. Hooker Hater (Single)
    02. Axeman (Single)
    03. My Direction (Demo)
    04. On Top Of The World (Demo)
    05. No (Demo)
    06. Hustlin' Around (Demo)
    07. Hooker Hater (Demo)
    08. Axeman (Live)
    09. Colours On (Live)
    10. Roadie (Live)
    11. On Top Of The World (Live)
    12. Shining (Live)
    13. XOC 116 (Live)
    14. Walking (Live)
    15. Hooker Hater (Live)
    16. Alcatraz (Live)
    17. Rock Bottom (Live)
    18. No Time To Die (Live)
    19. Down In Hell (Live)

    John Cadden - Vocals (DAMIEN, EXUMER)
    Phil Guy - Guitar
    Gurmeet Singh Panesar aka "Lita" - Bass
    Ray Horton - Drums

    Tracks 01 & 02 form the 1981 7" single "Hooker Hater"
    Tracks 03-07 are from a Demo session
    Tracks 08-19 are Live recordings from a concert in Kidderminster in 1981

    To legions of NWOBHM afficianados DEMOLITION are celebrated for their excellent 1981 7" "Hooker Hater" (b/w "Axeman"), which is one of the top rarities of the genre.
    Both songs possess a strong MOTöRHEAD feel and belonged to the rough 'n' ready end of the NWOBHM.
    The band was formed in 1979 in the the suburbs of Birmingham, originally as DEMOLITION GANG, by vocalist John Cadden.
    They played numerous gigs at venues like the Barrel Organ, The Railway, Romeo & Juliet’s and the Mercat Cross, gaining a healthy following among local bikers.
    Songs like the outstanding "On Top Of The World", "My Direction" or "Down In Hell", always make me wonder what would have happened if Demolition had recorded a full-length album in 1981.
    They could have been huge ...
    However, this was not to be.
    John Cadden and his boys were just out to have a good time, never actively approaching the record company A&R’s down in London.
    Nevertheless, they decided to record and finance a single on their own in order to have some product out in time for their German tour which started on Friday, 16th of October 1981.
    The tour was organized by a friend of Cadden called Fin, a former member of fellow Brummie NWOBHM band RICOCHET.
    Demolition played some obscure clubs in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Erlensee, Hannover and Bremerhaven in front of bemused mainstream rock audiences.
    However, they had a blast and returned back home bursting with renewed energy.
    You can hear for yourself by listening to the live songs on the "Wrecking Crew" album (recorded at the Boars Head in Kidderminster in 1981).
    The band did not last long into 1982 as vocalist John Cadden quit Demolition as he was to leave England.
    Bassist "Lita" Panesar would not carry on without him.
    Cadden then moved to Germany, singing for Metal bands as diverse as DAMIEN and Thrash legends EXUMER.
    He wrote the liner notes for the 19 song "Wrecking Crew" Demolition anthology album released by High Vaultage Records in 2006.
    The album was subsequently reissued this year, this time on vinyl, by High Roller Records in a limited issue of 500 copies.
    Of those, 150 copies were pressed on red/white blended vinyl with obi strip, 350 were on black vinyl, all came with a 20 page booklet & a bonus 7".

    Info from an article by Matthias Mader @

    art & txt included

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