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  •  ! Strappado wrote:
    Reissued in 2020 by Heaven and Hell Records

    https://heavenandhellrecords.bandcamp.c ... nightmares ... res-hhr108

    Artist: Morticia
    Release: 13 Nightmares
    Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
    Country: USA (Minnesota)
    Bitrate: 320kbps

    Went for a more straight metal album here.
    Tracks 11, 12 are ripped together.


    Jodie Tanaka - Keyboard, Lead and Backing Vocals
    Matt Batchelor - Drum and Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals
    Timm Farr - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Timothy Kletti - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals


    1. Mausoleum / Toccata and Fugue
    2. Fatal Attraction
    3. The Black Carriage
    4. Darksider
    5. Chemical Cocktail
    6. Crimson Tears
    7. 86 for Life
    8. Bela Lugosi's Dead
    9. Lady Nightmare
    10. Eposure to Sunlight
    11. The Blood Club
    12. Victims
    13. Bloody Gore Baby
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    Far more to my liking than the Mortal Fear - Release four years earlier. This here is solid powerful metal!
    If any of my posts is broken down, contact me directly by PM
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    MALINKU, i liked their "MORTAL FEAR" album you posted(thanx!!),but this one is way better and more metal!!Evident are,though,their SISTERS OF MERCY gothic-dark influences(track#11) and some PLASMATICS ones too!!The whole outcome is great,shock theatrical metal songs ,with a lead guitarist that kicks serious ass with his solos(check his leads in tracks #4,#6,#7,#12 especially) and his riffs(like the "Bark at the moon(OZZY-JAKE E. LEE)" style riff in song #3 and also his rifferama in song #1).All the songs are great in my opinion(like#5 with his killer piano-keyboards fills),with memorable refrains and eerie aura!Excellent album from the beginning to the very last moment! Mega thanx,MALINKU,keep on delivering precious obscure metal!! porosimetal
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    New link: REJECTED

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    Reissued in 2020 by Heaven and Hell Records

    https://heavenandhellrecords.bandcamp.c ... nightmares ... res-hhr108

    • Fully remastered
    • All 13 original tracks
    • 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' ONLY available on CD
    • Plus additional bonus track 'Lady Nightmare
    (Paisley Park version) available ONLY on CD
    • 12-page booklet
    • Complete lyrics & photos
    • Limited to 500 worldwide

    MORTICIA came to life in 1985. The band was conceived by founder keyboards/vocalist Jodie Tanaka and drummer/vocalist Matt Bachelor. The duo would set out to create dark, moody and romantic music combined with their sense of camp and tongue-in-cheek humour. The band would be the premier goth/deathrock band in the Twin Cities and be able to walk the realms of punk, alternative and heavy metal being, embraced by a variety of scenes. Sharing the stage with local heavy metal heroes such as Impaler and Slave Raider, opening for punk icons like Wendy O Williams or sharing bills with deathrock giants as Alien Sex Fiend and Sex Gang Children, MORTICIA proved they could hold their own in any arena.

    In 1991 MORTICIA would release their final album to date “13 Nightmares”. Released on Channel 83 Records on both CD and cassette containing 13-tracks, one of which a cover of ‘Bela Lugosi's Dead’ by gothic rock legends BAUHAUS. The album would show the band bringing in more commercial heavy metal influence while holding on to the dark gothy ascetic that the band had created that would only add to the band’s distinct identity of one of the most interesting bands of the scene.

    01. Mausoleum/Toccata And Fugue
    02. Fatal Attraction
    03. The Black Carriage
    04. Darksider
    05. Chemical Cocktail
    06. Crimson Tears
    07. 86 For Life
    08. Bela Lugosi's Dead
    09. Lady Nightmare
    10. Exposure To Sunlight
    11. The Blood Club
    12. Victims
    13. Bloody Gore Baby

    Bonus Track
    14. Lady Nightmare (Paisley Park version)
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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