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  •  ! canadaspaceman wrote:
    links in comments below are removed now this has been re-released ... ast/129005
    2016 Minotauro Records M 2016-4 ,CD
    2017 Minotauro Records M2017-10 ,2 12" vinyls, Remastered

    I am looking for this album in high quality. This album is on the Internet in a rather poor quality. This is unacceptable, because the album - masterpiece! I would be very grateful if someone has the ability to digitize the album in better quality! Thank you in advance!

    Produced by Peat Brock and Anthony Lionetti for B-Rock Productions. Recorded by Randy Jason at T.R.C. Studio, North Stonington, CT. Mixed by Jamie Bircumshaw and Randy Jason. Mastered by Keith Campbell at BQC. Art direction by A. Michelle and Al Gomes. Cover illustration by Will Rodier. Logo by Pia Peterson, LTD. Photos by Daniel Hyland. Manufactured and distributed by Big NOISE.

    Anthony C. Lionetti III - Lead Vocals, Bass, Aucustic Guitar
    John Erkan - Lead & Aucustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
    James Jay Jordan - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

    1. Magick Wand
    2. Warrior's Anthem
    3. Father Has Risen
    4. Shadow of Illusion
    5. Chosen One
    6. Return... With A Vengeance
    7. Tribunal
    8. When My Dreams Cry Out
    9. To the Guillotine
    10. Beyond the Stygian Creek
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    i put an upload here

    link removed

    hope it is fine for you !

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    Lower bitrate, but sound in general is better.

    link removed
    Strappado, please download two versions and compare. The best in your opinion suggest to leave for download.

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    Astonishing album, great music. The drums sound like programmed, maybe they triggered, because there is a drummer in the lineup. But that's the only little flaw in an otherwise great album. Thanks for asking for it and thanks for providing the links!
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    Hello, "Matthias Steele" fans, Really awesome that you guys are banging to "Haunting Tales" As the Producer of this 1991 Release, I can assure you that the origional Big Noise CRo2 tape release sounded absolutely Professional, these cheesy downloads has greatly denigrated the signal to the point where I suspect it sounds pretty lame, but when I stick this tape in the player It f**in sounds Intense, believe me...and very soon you will be able to hear it as it should be, trust me...You will love whats to come....Peat Brock. (Fb) ..if you feel the need to question this Info.

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