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    re-released on CD, vinyl, digital ... mos/156787

    Artist: Atlantean Kodex
    Release: The Pnakotic Demos EP [2007] + Lots of Bonus
    Genre: Epic Heavy/Doom Metal
    Country: Germany
    Bitrate: 320 kbps (Bonus - VBR)
    Link: dead link
    Info: ... odex/75285,

    Bavarian heavy metal band ATLANTEAN KODEX is the name to look out, having already been called "the best German band of the last 15 years" by German magazine Rock Hard with no full-length release out. For several years now this band has existed in the margins, releasing a track here and there on splits and compilations and have quickly gained such high status in the metal community, with a series of limited releases as well as live appearances at the most significant European Metal festivals such as the KEEP IT TRUE, HAMMER OF DOOM and the Greek UP THE HAMMERS in 2010. "The Pnakotic Demos" is their first, long out of print official debut, originally released in 2007. It is a perfect introduction to the sound of the Kodex, an appetizer in sight of their full-lenght release, "The Golden Bough". Cruz Del Sur's edition comes with 4 bonus tracks (2 of them featuring Phil Swanson/HOUR OF 13 on vocals) of previously unreleased or "only-vinyl" material.
    Flying in the face of all that is modern metal, Bough harkens back to the glory days of epic 80's metal, with a style that is grandiose, majestic, and powerful, straddling a line between doom and a more traditional 80's metal sound. Shades of early Fates Warning and Warlord abound, the majesty of Manowar shines through on occasion, and when they slow down to true doom pace (which is often), they are reminiscient of bands like While Heaven Wept. Fans of early MANOWAR's epic sound and BATHORY's "Hammerheart" era should take note because "The Pnakotic Demos"! This is an unrelenting force of epic doom metal, an inspiring and subtly gloomy attack to your hearing sense.

    This is heavy, emotional, powerful Epic Metal that brings to mind classics like Fates Warning and Warlord, with added influence from Manilla Road, Cauldron Born, even Omen. These are epic songs built on heavy riffing and haunting melody conjured by textured guitarwork and superior vocals. "From Shores Forsaken" sets the stage with a ten-minute workout of power and grace, followed by the propulsive "Marching Homeward", then the delicate acoustic ballad "The White Ship" shows what kind of beauty this band is capable of with a song that sounds like an ancient folk ballad carried away from sinking Hy Brasil. Then "The Hidden Folk" pounds forth with yet more epic thunder. It is not possible to express how cool this is with just words, you have to hear it. Just imagine the ideal music you hope to hear when you hunt out a new band that calls itself 'Epic True Metal' - imagine the underground sound and powerful riffs and vocals evoking ancient lands and lost empires - that is this music. This is everything you could want. (

    Markus Becker Vocals
    Florian Kreuzer Bass
    Manuel Trummer Guitars
    Mario Weiss Drums
    Michael Koch Guitars
    Ross the Boss - Lead Guitar on "From Shores Forsaken"
    Oli Weinsheimer - Background Vocals on "From Shores Forsaken"
    Phil Swanson & Simon Tuozzoli - Background Vocals on "The Hidden Folk"
    1. From Shores Forsaken (Guest Lead Guitar by Ross the Boss (Ex-Manowar))
    2. Marching homeward
    3. The White Ship
    4. The Hidden Folk
    5. The Atlantean Kodex (Phil Swanson version) (Demo)
    6. The Hidden Folk (Phil Swanson version) (from 2007 - Vestal Claret & Atlantean Kodex split Metal Coven EP)
    7. A Prophet in the Forest (Demo)
    8. Marching homeward (Live at Keep it True)
    Atlantean Kodex - From Shores Forsake [from 2007 Compilation 'Metal Crusade Vol XIV']
    Atlantean Kodex - The Atlantean Kodex (feat. Phil Swanson) (from 2007 Compilation 'New Age of Iron Vol. 1')
    Atlantean Kodex - The Atlantean Kodex (from 2011 'Die Dicksten Dinger Des Jahres (Rock Hard) Mag')
    Atlantean Kodex - The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover) (Live - from 2010 'The Annihilation Of Nurnberg' Tape)
    Atlantean Kodex - The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover) (Rehearsal 10th of March 2009)
    Atlantean Kodex - A Prophet in the Forest (Rehearsal 10th of March 2009)
    Atlantean Kodex - The Ram (Manilla Road cover) (Audience recording - Live in Athens 3.12.2011)
    Atlantean Kodex - A Prophet in the Forest (Live at Hammer of Doom 2011)
    Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess (Demo) (from the upcoming 2013 album 'The White Goddess')
    Atlantean Kodex - The Heresiarch (Demo Edit) (from the upcoming 2013 album 'The White Goddess')

    Atlantean Kodex - Mysteries Of The Boar Cult (from the 2009 vinyl re-release of 'The Pnakotic Demos') [Link shared by Major_T - Thanks mate!]

    Anyone got "A Prophet in the Forest EP [2008]" ???
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