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    Reissued by Cult Metal Classics

    Pre-order: ... ice%2035th

    Artist: Sacrifice
    Release: Street Fighter / Innocent Victim, Single 1985
    Covers: Front | Back
    Label: Platina Records #PL 8
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Sweden (Hässleholm)
    Formed in 1982 as CRIER, changed name to METAL MUTHAZ in 1983 and then became SACRIFICE in 1985. SACRIFICE released a 7" single on Platina Records entitled "Street Fighter / Innocent Victim, (1985)". Anders Strenberg leaves the band shortly after.

    The rest of the SACRIFICE members changed their name back to CRIER and recorded the song "Fantasy World" for the UK Ebony Records compilation 'The Metal Collection Vol.2 (1986)'. Other bands contributing was Swedish PHOENIX from Malmö and UK bands such as STORMCHILD, CENTURION, DRAGONSLAYER, FAST KUTZ and DEALER.

    Anders Strengberg joins CRIER in 1987 but leaves again to join MERCY. After some line-up changes CRIER releases a 7" single in 1989 entitled "Bad Booze / Running in the Night" on the Hell Records label.

    Anders Strengberg - Vocals (Metal Muthaz, Crier, Mercy)
    Thomas "Tott" Axelsson - Guitar (Metal Muthaz, Crier)
    Thomas Lundgren - Guitar (Metal Muthaz, Crier)
    Mats "Masken" Svensson - Bass (Metal Muthaz, Crier)
    Mikael Gustavsson - Drums (Metal Muthaz, Crier)

    Available at website of the band:
    1. Street Fighter
    2. Innocent Victim
    I am born a highlander,
    into battle I ride.
    With the sword of my forefathers,
    And the clan by my side.
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    RE-UP:   Sacrifice (Swe) - Street Fighter + Innocent Victim [single] (1985)
    Bitrate:  cbr128

    Requested by Reed.

    No idea which bitrate this single was posted initially, so feel free to re-up if you got a better rip…

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    Hi guys, coming soon on cult metal classics records, Sacrifice 35th anniversary box set!!!
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    Pre-order for SACRIFICE - "35th Anniversary Edition just started.
    It's available in 3 editions

    Deluxe BOX SET edition limited to 100 copies featuring a replica of the original impossible to find 7'' single, an exclusive to box gold vinyl, the CD version of SACRIFICE and a Tshirt
    Order: ... ASC&page=1

    Deluxe Vinyl LP, with 2 page booklet, 180 grams vinyl, lyrics, liner notes by Janne Stark and bonus tracks (Available in 2 colours)
    Order: ... ASC&page=1

    CD version with 12 page booklet, remastered sound, lyrics, liner notes by Janne Stark and bonus tracks
    Order: ... ASC&page=1

    Sacrife's Facebook:
    Cult Metal Classics Facebook:

    1. Street Fighter
    2. Innocent Victim
    3. So You Better Run
    4. Ante Metallum (Overture)
    5. Street Fighter
    6. So You Better Run
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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