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    2012 , No Walls Can Hold: The Demo Anthology Compilation
    Tracks 1-8 taken from the "No Walls Can Hold" demo (1989)
    Track 9 taken from the "All Will Fall" demo (1988)
    Tracks 10-15 taken from the "After the Holocaust" demo (1987)

    [box]Posted Releases:
    Restless Breed (US) - After The Holocaust [Demo] (1987)
    Restless Breed (US) - No Walls Can Hold [Demo] (1989)[/box]

    Artist: Restless Breed
    Release: After The Holocaust, Demo 1987
    Genre: Power Metal
    Country: USA (Columbus / Ohio)
    Bitrate: 320kbps

    1. Unleash The Beast
    2. One Final Scream
    3. The Real World
    4. After The Holocaust
    5. Don't Let The Night Fall
    6. War Child
    Here's another highly recommended US Demo from the Ohio based RESTLESS BREED. Following info was taken from
    Restless Breed was a metal band initially formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1985. Playing a mix of covers and originals, they began developing a sizeable local following before going through several line-up changes and becoming one of the area's first all-original speed metal/thrash bands. In 1987 they recorded and released their first demo entitled "After the Holocaust", and in 1989 followed it up with an 8-song demo/album entitled "No Walls Can Hold". They gained many favorable reviews and attention in the underground international press and eventually landed a recording contract from the UK's tiny CMFT label. However, after suffering several more line-up changes, Restless Breed finally called it a day in 1990
    More informations about Restless Breed:

    High resolution scans from the cover and tape is included with the file, turn up the volume and enjoy dudes!!!

    Dave Cogill - Vocals
    Mike Vlery - Guitars
    Mike Tonn - Guitars
    Sam Delgreco - Bass
    Bill Boyle - Drums
    [center]- - - NO SUBSTITUTE FOR STEEL - - -[/center]
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    Another great Steeler from you Metalhunter! The kind of stuff that shreds my ears! Of course no needs to tell that I could kill 1000 emos when listening to this! Yes I know I'm emotional person (hehe1)

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    METALHUNTER huge thanx for this legendary demo!!I had it since 1990 on a tape copy,needless to say i was raging with it ,but now you uploaded it with great sound quality and posted the h.q. front scan too for us metal maniacs to download!!RESTLESS BREED was a case,like many other usa bands,of criminally label underrating, a fact that led many hopefull bands to despair and then extinction!!Thanx to your blog strappado we,metalheads,can get a grip of such cult releases that was only known back then when included in the pages of the fanzines or metal mags!Be blessed for serving the underground and obscure steel!! porosimetal
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