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    Artist: Zyklone
    Release: Demo 1989
    Genre: Power Metal
    Country: USA (Cleveland, OH)
    Bitrate: VBR
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    After Greg Perry quit Purgatory in 1988 and Attaxe in early 1989, he asked Juan Ricardo to join his new band. Juan accepted, and Zyklone was formed. They recorded one demo in 1989, but in mid-1989 Greg Perry ended up quitting. Upon Perry's departure from the band, Juan went back to Attaxe...leaving Kenny Easterly and Cal Burgess. Before the end of 1989, they recruited Pat Hughes, Eric Woolard and Jerry Kries. They would later change their name to Mystik.

    Juan Ricardo - Vocals
    Greg Perry - Guitars
    Calvin Burgess - Bass
    Kenny Easterly Sr. - Drums
    1. Powermad
    2. Jealousy
    3. Lovefire
    The main sources of my uploads are from blogs (mostly lockjaw - R.I.P.), myspace, youtube and other outlets. Many thanks to the original uploaders for sharing their music with us.
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    This is an amazing demo but not involved in the formation of MYSTIK. Mystik is the brainchild of Roy Gurstenberg. Kenny Easterly was hired as the drummer after long time drummer Mike M.L. Leode couldnt stay with them. Mystik existed (albeit with a drastically different lineup then everyone knows) when Greg Perry was still part of ATTAXE before they morphed in ZYKLONE for these tracks. They split in 89 and Juan continued Attaxe leaving Kenny free to fill the opening in Mystik later that year.

    BTW Kenny is one of my favorite drummers of all time. Hes fucking AMAZING and his style is deeply engrained into my own playing. Check out those drums on "Powermad" and that end solo! Damn!

    Me with Mystik 2011

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    This 17-year-old kid who lived in New York contacted me... The kid’s name was Kenny... he said “You are The Mezmerist!”... I said, “What makes you think that I am The Mezmerist?” And he qualified it.

    - TOM "MEZO" POLLOCK (Decibel magazine)
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