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    Artist: Overheat
    Release: Demos, 1987
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Sweden (Karlshamn)
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    Janne and Pelle played together in different bands since childhood. Their most well-known band being OVERDRIVE, with whom they recorded one 12" EP and two albums before splitting up in June 1985. Janne and Pelle (who was then lead singer but after their split-up, switched over to playing bass) decided to carry on and form a new band. In December 1985 they were accompanied by drummer Paul Gustavsson who had just left the band HIGH VOLTAGE. His claim-to-fame is two recordings with heavy rockers MERCY with one 12" EP and LP. The band now had a complete rhythm section and also a new name: OVERHEAT. They now started rehearsing and writing material and in November 1986 (when the band was completed with a singer) they had already written almost 30 songs! The singers name is: Gernot Iverson and he is, like Paul also an ex-HIGH VOLTAGE member. Now the band was complete and in May-June 1987 they recorded their first demo Vol. 1, which was produced, arranged, mixed, engineered, recorded and performed by the band. This demo has the songs: "Fight to the Finish", "Realm of Freedom", "L.J.M.S.", "I Do Believe and High On You". It was recorded in a barn with a four-track Tascam porta studio. The songs are mostly written by Janne Stark and arranged by the band. This limited tape was not sent out to very many Metal Fanzines (if any).

    Last Known Line-Up
    Gernot Iversen - Vocals (High Voltage, XL)
    Janne Stark - Guitars (Overdrive, Paradize, Faith, M.O.B., Flash, TNT, Locomotive Breath, Alyson Avenue, Sir Lord Baltimore, Thalamus, Chris Catena, Audiovision, Vii Gates, Narnia, Grand Design, Blinded Colony, Spearfish, Audiovision, Tower Of Stone, Teenage Rampage, From Behind, Planet Alliance, Balls, Constancia, Mountain Of Power, Zello, Nicky Moore Blues Corporation)
    Pelle Thuresson - Bass (Overdrive, Paradize, Crosseyed Mary)
    Paul Gustavsson - Drums (Mercy, Turbo)

    Former / Past Members
    Peter "TrumPeter" Svensson - Drums (Faith, Stormbringer, Mercy, Globe, Six-Pack Boogie, Locomotive Breath, Fröna, Constancia, Mountain of Power, Embrace the Sun, Trumpeter, Five 4 Fun,Troja Jazzband, The Cardigans, Paus)
    Håkan Windahl - Drums, Vocals (Interaction, To Africa With Love, Håkan Windahl, Locomotive Breath (choir))
    Demo, 1987
    1. Fight to the Finish
    2. Realm of Freedom
    3. High On You
    4. I Do Believe
    5. L.J.M.S.

    Demo, 1987
    1. Fight to the Finish
    2. Realm of Freedom
    3. The Chains
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