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    Artist: Savage (pre-Horizon)
    Release: Demos & Live, 1981 - 1982
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Netherlands
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Reupload request. Anyone got scans or bandphotos?

    Demo #1 Info
    The 1st demo of the dutch heavy metal group SAVAGE. Features Jack Nobelen and Arthur van Loon of HORIZON. Vocals by female singer Carla Ooninckx. I think this rip was originaly uploaded by Dutchboy. More info about the band can be found at Holland Heavy Metal. Enjoy!

    Demo #2 Info
    Second demo with SAVAGE. Recorded with the new vocalist Walter Lavent (ex-MUSTANG). The demo got SAVAGE a lot of attention and they got to do a lot of live gigs, at this point everything works well for the band. But when bassist John van Gastel suddenly dies, things turn different. Soon after his death Walter Lavent leaves and this also meant the end of the band. Jack Nobelen and Arthur van Loon moved on with HORIZON. At the moment Jack Nobelen is still active with his coverband STILETTO. A few years ago the song "Hell on Wheels" appeared on the "HM Maniacs Part 3" sampler CD and brought some attention back on the band. More info can be found at Holland Heavy Metal.

    Live De Leeuwerik, Galder Info
    Notes by dutchboy: Bought this tape in `83, saw them in the same year, and they sounded better than this recording. This is an FM recording from a local radiostation, you hear the taper turning the tuningknob during the intro of "Son of a Bitch". Lots of covers, some terrible, some surprisingly good. Sound quality is constant but the performance varies..

    Jack Nobelen - Guitar
    Walter Lavent - Vocals
    Marc van Reusel - Bass
    Arthur van Loon - Drums
    Demo #1, 1982
    1. Heavy Rock 'N' Roll
    2. Into the Arena (Michael Schenker cover)
    3. Starbreaker
    4. Speedin' Home

    Demo #2, 1982
    1. Hell On Wheels
    2. Love Woman
    3. Wave the Flag
    4. Starbreaker
    5. Might Fall in Love
    6. Fading Away
    7. Mistery Smile

    Live De Leeuwerik, Galder, 1982
    1. Intro
    2. Starbreaker
    3. American Girls (Triumph)
    4. Mad Woman
    5. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (MSG)
    6. Rescue Me (Y&T)
    7. Mystery Smile
    8. Into The Arena (MSG)
    9. Hell On Wheels
    10. Voyager (Gamma)
    11. Speedin' Home
    12. Wave The Flag
    13. Soldier Of The Line (Magnum)
    14. The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden)
    15. Son Of A Bitch (Accept)
    16. Out Of Control
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