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    Artist: Numb Skull
    Release: Demo Tracks & Various Recordings, 1990 - 1992
    Genre: Heavy Metal (w/thrash elements)
    Country: USA (Nashville, Tennessee)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Some demo tracks and live recordings with Numb Skull collected from various sources on the net.
    Sadly I am missing the first track "Carnival Night" of their 4tr demo.

    Demo Line-Up
    Andy Austin - Vocals, Guitar (Maddax, Critical Mass, Liquid Rainbow, Soul Work)
    Jeff Knox - Guitar
    Jeff Barnes - Bass (My Disgrace, War Within)
    Andy Leffler - Drums

    Links ... 9631986515

    Official Biography
    Numb Skull was a Nashville-based heavy metal band in the late 1980s-early 1990s. The band was formed in 1989 by Jeff Barnes (bass), Jeff Knox (guitar), and Andy Leffler (drums) and was completed by the addition of Andy Austin, former guitarist and vocalist for Critical Mass, in 1990. The band performed numerous concerts and showcases throughout the southern and mid-western United States. In 1991, Andy Leffler left the band and was replaced by Russell Nicholson. The band was dissolved in 1993. The materials include three 48-track studio sessions, one 4-track recording, and several live recordings.

    Andrew Austin has been writing and performing music since the late 1970s. Soul Manifest is his project to bring recordings spanning almost thirty years of music to the public. The first is Liquid Rainbow (1979-1982). The second period is Critical Mass (1983-1986). The third period is Numb Skull (1989-1993). Both of the periods are old school hard rock/heavy metal. In the decade between Numb Skull and Andrew's return to writing and recording, he obtained a PhD and now teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He lives there with his wife and two children.
    1. Johnny Be Good
    2. Christmas Eve
    3. Political Suicide
    4. A Different Kind Of Justice (1991)
    5. The Thirst (1992)
    6. Cauldron of Souls (Mix #1) (1992)
    7. Cauldron of Souls (Mix #2) (1992)
    8. Cauldron of Souls (Live In The Boro 1992)
    9. Say Your Prayers (Live In The Boro 1992)
    10. Political Suicide (Live In The Boro 1992)
    11. Political Suicide (Live at 527 Main Street Music Emporium 31-7-1992)
    12. The Thirst (Live at 527 Main Street Music Emporium 31-7-1992)

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