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    Artist: Fantom
    Release: Demo tracks 1985-86 + live track'87
    Genre: Power/Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Rochester, NY)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    The first 2 songs I recorded off of a radio show called "Metallic Overdrive" at the end of December 1985. The show was on here in Rochester, NY on 90.5 WGMC-FM. The band is from Rochester and they play a heavy/power metal style not unlike Fallen Angel at the time, too. These 2 songs come from a 1985 demo and I also shared them on youtube so you'll find a link below. The 3rd song is the band's 1st original song from early '85. They were a coverband before that. The next 2 songs come from a 1986 demo, and the final song is a live track from 1987. This is a super obscure band. I can't find any info on their demo's and if I am missing tracks or not. This is a piecing together of everything by the band I could find. But the 1st 2 songs I heard way back in late '85 and were one of the early bands I first heard. The second track is a much better anthemic song of metal greatness. The '86 demo tracks continue on in their heavy/power metal style. The live track continues without relent.

    1. Still In Love With You (demo'85 track)
    2. Battlecry (demo'85 track)

    3. 5 Star Lover (1st original song 1985)
    4. End Of The Line (demo'86 track)
    5. Rock Me All Night (demo'86 track)
    6. Count Me Out (live 1-2-87 Rochester, NY @ United Skates of America)
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    SUPERB stuff, all songs, varying in approach, sometimes more catchy and other very heavy and with high vocals... Bring to my mind great bands like TENSION-DEUCE, SHOK PARIS, RUFFIANS, VILLAIN and even BARREN CROSS a bit!! A must!! MIKAEL, MEGA THANX MAN!!! porosimetal
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    I'm Vinny Cavuoto, former Bassist in Fantom.

    I can help fill in the gaps for the demo information:

    The track listing for the 1985 demo was 1. 5 Star Lover, 2. Still In Love With You, 3. Battlecry and 4. High Speed Attraction. The first 3 songs are on youtube. The band members on this demo are: Dave Calarco-Vocals, Paul Blocchi and Dave Rowlands-Guitar, Vinny Cavuoto-Bass and Mike Maenza-Drums.

    The track listing for the 1986 demo was 1. Rock Me All Night, 2. Take On The Action, 3. Count Me Out and 4. End Of the Line. Songs 1, 3 and 4 are on youtube. The line up was the same except Johnny Q. replaced Dave Rowlands on Guitar for this demo.

    Mikael-on behalf of me and the rest of the guys thanks for uploading our songs and for taking the time to post our info!
    Panos-thank you for your kind words.

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    Hi all!

    Just saw posted on youtube two more songs from the 1985 demo-High Speed Attraction and the full version of Battlecry.


    Battle Cry

    High Speed Attraction

    Thanks to Vaalkoth for bringing our band out of the shadows!
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    New Link: Hidden Link

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