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  • SERVICE COMPRIS - Watch Your Blood (1984) France
    Self Released Cassette

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    01. Watch Your Blood
    02. All Through The Night
    03. Rat Attack
    04. Caught Up In You
    05. Macho's Method
    06. Doobie Time
    07. Jailbreak
    08. Off The Corner
    09. Princess Of The Dawn
    10. Instrumental II

    Christophe Apiou aka "Chris Chimbley" - Vocals (JINX)
    Fabien Gevraise - Guitar & Vocals (FACE TO FACE, FURIOSO, JINX)
    Ricky "Riton" Buccatini aka "Eric Bordron" - Guitar (JINX)
    Jean Luc Houles - Bass
    Stephane Printemps aka "Steve Spring" - Drums (JINX)

    SERVICE COMPRIS were a French Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band formed in 1981 in La Roche-sur-Yon, Pays de la Loire.
    Having recorded a 10 song album in 1984, they were unable to find a label interested in releasing it, after a word of mouth arrangement with an un-named company fell through.
    Undeterred, the band released the recordings themselves on cassette as "Watch Your Blood" which went on to sell well and attract glowing reviews.
    As a result of the tape's success the band were signed to Devil's Records, and after slimming to a quartet, changed their name to JINX.
    After the band's members adopted anglisised nom-de-plumes they went back into the studio in 1985.
    The resulting sessions yielded the six song "Stand Up For Rock'n'Roll Power!" Mini Lp, released in 1986.
    Switching labels to Swan Productions, a further release, the four song "Rockin' Band" EP followed in 1988.
    However, this record was a slicker sounding affair, and seemed to alienate the band's fanbase which shrank accordingly.
    Jinx then split up, without issuing any further product, in 1990.
    Guitarist Fabien Gevraise then went on to contribute to the FURIOSO project and joined FACE TO FACE, playing on their 1992 debut album.
    Sadly, that same year Jinx bassist Ricky "Riton" Buccatini, died of a heart attack aged just 26.
    Gevraise also sadly died too young, passing away in 2007 at only 43 years of age.

    art & txt included
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