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    Artist: Cygnus
    Release: Demo, 1988
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    This pro-printed tape appeared in 1988 and collects the only 3 studio songs ever recorded by the band. Tracks "Estoy Solo" and "Desaparece Ya!" were recorded in 1986 when the band won the 1st First Spanish Rock Song Festival (1986). "Apariencias" was recorded in 1983.

    The embryo of the band was born in 1981, but not until 1983 the group was consolidated with the four members of an inimitable style that marked that time. These are Roberto García on drums, Luis José Castillo on guitar, Henry Brito on vocals and Moises Montas on bass. Served as support act to Stray Cats on their spectacular performance at Altos de Chavon, La Romana, and shared the stage through the years with much of the rock scene of the moment. Among their greatest achievements were winning the First Rock Olympics (1984) and then invited to play several times in successive closures of the same event. Winners of the First Spanish Rock Song Festival (1986) and other categories as Best Bassist, Best Drummer and Best Vocalist. Thanks to this prize they were prized with the recording of two songs in the best studio of the time.

    "Estoy Solo" and "Desaparece Ya!" were the songs chosen to be captured on analog tape and they would add their previously recorded song in 1983 "Apariencias". These three were released on cassette tape which would be outstanding for the year 1988. Cygnus was always aware of what was happening musically in the rest of the planet, to incorporate new elements of composition, costume and performance. Seeing this band live was an unique experience. The most legendary concert was the Empiphis VS Cygnus held in the Ruinas de San Francisco, ending in a storm of chairs and stones, caused by the fierceness of their music in public. Among the songs with powerful riffs, we can mention "Psicópata," "Esclavo Del Vicio" and "Réquiem." Unfortunately by the year 1989 they disbanded for university studies and work reasons. Before parting, they did a Rock Opera in Casa de Teatro, something never seen here in the Dominican Republic, Thanks to them, bands like Abaddon RD were influenced in their performance and other aspects. As they are great friends, we hope to see them on stage together someday not too far.

    Henry Brito - Vocals
    Luís José Castillo - Guitar
    Moisés Montás - Bass
    Roberto García - Drums (Masacre)
    1. Estoy Solo
    2. Desaparece Ya
    3. Aparencias
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