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    Artist: Mercyful Fate
    Release: Demos # 1-4
    Format: Demos
    Release Year: 1981
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Denmark
    Bitrate: 192-320 kbps
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    Demos Info:

    Mercyful Fate - 1981 - Demo #1 [320kbps]
    March 1981

    This is the first demo recorded under the name Mercyful Fate. The band may have
    been known at the time as Back To Hell, which name appears on the tape is
    unknown. Recorded in late March oh 1981at The Rocktape Studios in Copenhagen
    Denmark. 3 track Demo.

    King Diamond: Vocals
    Hank Shermann: Guitars & Bass
    Carsten Van Der Volsing: Guitars & Bass
    Jan Musen: Drums

    Jan was a friend of Hank who filled in on drums for the departed Lars Monroe of
    Brats fame. 'Old' Nick Smith would be the next drummer. Nick was the drummer in
    Danger Zone, Michael Denner's band. The members of Danger Zone and Mercyful Fate
    would soon join together to form the first solid Mercyful Fate lineup.

    1. Death Kiss
    2. You Asked For It
    3. Running Away

    Mercyful Fate - 1981 - Demo #2 [192kbps]
    April 1981

    "Walking Back to Hell" later became "A Dangerous Meeting".
    "Running Free" is actually "Killed for Love", originally from Danger Zone.
    "You Asked for It" later became the b-side "Black Masses".
    "Hard Rocker" is actually "Not Amusing", another Danger Zone's song.
    "Love Criminals" was a song from their days as Brats, but was later
    transformed/recycled into "Into the Coven". It's not on the demo according to
    the official site, but several fansites list it.

    King Diamond Vocals
    Hank Shermann Guitars
    Carsten Van der Volsing Guitars
    Timi "Grabber" Hansen Bass
    "Old" Nick Smith Drums

    1. Walking Back To Hell 04:34
    2. Running Free 03:17
    3. You Asked For It 04:19
    4. Hard Rocker 03:27
    5. Love Criminals 08:55
    Total playing time 24:32

    Mercyful Fate - 1981 - Demo #3 [192kbps]
    May 1981

    Burning The Cross has a riff that would later appear in "Devil Eyes."

    King Diamond Vocals
    Hank Shermann Guitars
    Benny Petersen Guitars
    Timi "Grabber" Hansen Bass
    "Old" Nick Smith Drums

    1. Curse Of The Pharaohs
    2. Return Of The Vampire
    3. A Corpse Without Soul
    4. Burning The Cross
    5. Shadow Night (Live Harlev 31-10-81) [Bonus]

    Mercyful Fate - 1981 - Demo #4 (Burning The Cross) [320kbps]
    Autumn 1981

    Demo #4, recorded somewhere in Autumn at The Karma Studios in Copenhagen.
    "Return of the Vampire" was re-recorded on the reunion album In the Shadows in
    "On a Night of Full Moon" later became "Desecretion of Souls" on Don't Break
    the Oath.
    The 5 songs also appeared on the Return of the Vampire compilation.

    King Diamond Vocals
    Hank Shermann Guitars
    Benny Petersen Guitars
    Timi "Grabber" Hansen Bass
    Kim Ruzz Drums

    1. Burning The Cross 08:44
    2. Curse Of The Pharaohs 04:24
    3. Return Of The Vampire 04:49
    4. A Corpse Without Soul 08:08
    5. On A Night of Full Moon 06:38
    Total playing time 32:43
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