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    Band: Nirnaeth
    Country: Italy (Bergamo)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Title: The Psychedeheavyceltale in 8 Movements
    Format: CD
    Year: 1997
    Label: Dischi Pirata Records # D.P. 001 (private pressing)
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps


    Front cover artwork: Searching for Ediens - by Marco Lippe

    Nirnaeth(it means "Tears" from the world of JRR Tolkien) were formed
    in 1990 in Bergamo when Lippe's brothers relocated from their hometown Bari
    (south Italy) to Bergamo (north Italy) because of their job (both are Doctors,Paolo
    is a well known oncologist); they had a great progressive rock band called "24 Hours"
    that released four albums during the years.

    After two demos Nirnaeth released in 1997 this weird (and great,IMHO) album divided
    into eight movements,some of this movements are split in various musical segments.

    The album is a fantasy concept,the plot and the lyrics are in Italian,enjoy it!!!

    P.S. with ups and downs and some line up changes Nirnaeth is still alive...


    1 - First Movement: Icir’s Lament

    2 - Second Movement: The Rise of Evilord the Deceiver - including:
    Treesir's Laws+The Cursed Council+Evilord Talks+
    Return to Eviland+Cruel Deception+The Fatal Encounter+
    Horrible Truth+Treesir's Desperation+Escape+
    Cut and Saw+The Fall of the Trees+Punches and Kicks+
    The Chaos+Evilord's Triumph

    3 - Third Movement: The Orobic Queen

    4 - Fourth Movement: Clash in the Wood - including:
    The Orobic Ride+The Fight+Life Is a Battle+The Evil's Machine

    5 - Fifth Movement: Revenge - including:
    Searching for Ediens+The Desperate Gift+Eviland

    6 - Sixth Movement: Defeat

    7 - Seventh Movement: Forever Lost - including
    The Weight of Remorse+The Thaw+The Spell of the Wood+
    A Great Feast

    8 - Eighth Movement: Guardians of the World (Akrom and Ediens)

    9 - Among the Asos Ruins (bonus track live)

    Line Up:

    Marco Lippe - drums,vocals,keyboards,mellotron
    Marco "Il Grey" Tombini - guitar
    Roberto "Roby" Pietrobon - bass

    Guest musicians:

    Christopher Evans - Celtic flutes
    Chiara La Iacona - Female voice Soprano

    Hidden Link
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    MARCO, thanks a lot for this instrumental killer! A bit reminiscent of MEKONG DELTA instrumental tendencies-parts and LIFE ARTIST a bit too, this effort is brilliant! "Guardians Of The World" is the only track with male-female vocals, a mini lyrical, operatic, balladesque in pace song that leans to the art-prog spectrum! To many may sound like instrumental exercises, but the real experimental-prog, pioneering works can't satisfy all!!
    For me a must have! Many thanks for the scans and info piece too, MARCO!! CHEERS!! porosimetal
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