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  • Blue Thunder - Blue Thunder (1998)

    Year : 1998
    Style : Melodic Hard Rock , Heavy Rock
    Country : Austria
    Audio : 320 kbps + scans + Video
    Size : 111 mb
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    Bio from user Horex:

    A rare one this, but pretty good it is.. nonetheless.From the land of apple strudel (Austria) comes Blue Thunder. No, we're not talking about some hi-tech piece of military gadgetry, but a five piece Austrian melodic rock band with a habit of kicking ass along with ample amounts of melody. Closest comparison to this lot are German rockers Victory. Certainly with Tomm Rasinger in tow, Blue Thunder have the next best replacement for Fernando Garcia bar none. The guy is a vocal doppleganger! The other hotshot is guitar wizard Hannes Hofer who has all the tricks in the book.

    Album info from user Horex:

    Makes a good minute to venture into the opening track 'Shotgun Wedding'. Its big-sounding and full of the usual ingredients to make a melodic rock cake out of Austria. Same goes for 'Sundancer', but by the third track 'Hell In Paradise'we are offered something slightly different The China like approach is stepped down in tempo but not compromised for heaviness nor melody. What the heck is 'Hail To The Livin' Dead' all about? Does it ride on the back of a horror movie or is it part of some Indian burial ceremony? Who knows, but its damn melodic and riff-tasfic. I'm not so sure what it woulthre sounded like without keyboards. Thank god Barbara Staud does her tinkly best to keep things in check The power ballad 'Every Beat Of My Heart' sounds absolutely huge and spacious. Raisinger is on top form, giving Fernando Garcia and Marc Storace something to think about 'Dancin'With Wolves' is another huge semi-ballad with massive choruses, but its the fast and furious 'Save Your Love'that excites this reviewer, it shows this band can whip up an 80's euro-metal storm in the mould of Accept when asked to!Woah!The acoustic flourish of Too Late' is real sing-a-long stuff, again featuring massive choruses to close out the album.Still unsigned, the band ventured into 1999 on the back of this album, duly followed up by a 5-track album entitled 'Heaven Denied'. The latter word 'denied' being the operative term, as it appeared that despite their best efforts, the band just couldnt land the big fish! You wont see this album around that often, see if you stumble across it, you have an idea of who they are and what they sound like.

    Line Up:

    Tomm Raisinger vocals
    Hannes Hofer guitars, vocals
    Barbara Staud keyboards
    Wolfgang Dorfmeister bass, vocals
    Anton Konrath drums, vocals


    1. Shotgun Wedding
    2. Sundancer
    3. Hell in Paradise
    4. Hail to the Livin' Dead
    5. Every Beat of My Heart
    6. Dancing With Wolves
    7. Save Your Love
    8. Crack City
    9. Too Late

    + Video ' Hell In Paradise ' (Only audio)

    Thanks to user RunningWild for the files!
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    Here's some unofficial album art for the album I made in case you want a higher res cover art. And by "Made" I mean found an image on google images and put their logo on it. I'm not a painter.
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