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    Artist: Oz
    Release: III Warning, 1984
    Label: Combat Records #MX-8013
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Finland (Nakkila)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Ripped from the Combat -84 issue by VardisRules, thanks man!. The Canadian pressing
    had "Turn the Cross Upside Down" added as bonus.

    Uploader Notes: This a high quality vinyl rip of OZ's third album. If you like this, check out OZ's
    new CD on AFM Records titled "Burning Leather" It is a mix of 6 new tracks and 5 re-recorded
    classics. It's absolutely essential. As with 'Fire In The Brain' front and back scans of the vinyl are included.

    Recorded at Electra Studio, Stockholm Sweden. Produced by The Boss. Engineered by
    Seppo "F.A." Johansson. Mixed by Håkan Wollgard. Cover photo by Marianne Eklund.
    Back Cover by Ulf Magnusson.

    Eero "Tapani / Ape De Martini" Hamalainen - Vocals
    Kari "Speedy Foxx" Elo - Guitar
    Jurki "Spooky Wolff" Taipele - Guitar (Noitawaimo)
    Jukka "Jay C. Blade" Homi - Bass, Vocals (Sarcofagus, Yö)
    Pekka "Mark Ruffneck" Mark - Drums

    Shadow - Black Noise & Gong
    1. Third Warning
    2. Crucified
    3. Runner
    4. Rock 'n' Roll Widow
    5. Samurai
    6. Born Out of Time
    7. Too Bad to Be True
    8. Total Metal
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    And another piece of vinyl from the old days. I wore this one out too, but hung onto it forever, as I couldn't find a CD release until I ran across a bootleg (boo!). As an interesting? fact, I had the OZ - Turn the Cross Upside Down 12" EP as well, and I used to do a bit of trading/buying with various record dealers in the US, and one day JB Mestad of Molten Metal Records offered me what I thought was a fortune for my OZ 12". I sold it to him, and a bit later, a bootleg CD appeared in a record catalog with the OZ tracks on it - I asked the dealer where he got the CD from, and he said "Molten Metal Records". That was the first time I had had experience with a bootlegger and was sorry to be involved at all, even unwittingly. This was in the early 90s.
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    The overall performance is not as stunning as on "Fire in the brain", as there are 1 or 2 only simply good but not awesome tracks featured. On the other hand "Crucified" is one of the two (don't need to mention the other one, do I?) best songs ever written by OZ.
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    Another cool record (have this on vinyl myself)! Crucified was the first song from OZ I heard (and also my fave). I have to mention (for those who are interested) that besides the most recent 'Dominator' OZ also have a compilation called 'Vinyl Tracks' out. It includes songs from 84-91 for the first time on CD.
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    OZ brought the "skullet" to Heavy Metal long before Devin Townsend (SYL) made it fashionable!!
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