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    Artist: Nawty Roxx
    Release: Dead City [1987]
    Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
    Country: USA (Ridgecrest, California)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Info: NAWTY ROXX formed in 1985 in Ridgecrest, California. The band started out under the name DEFENDER. In the fall of 1986 the band auditioned to play at the Bakersfield Fair along with many other bands but only seven were chosen and DEFENDER made the cut. The Fair decided to hold a first Battle of The Bands compitition on a Wednesday night with all seven of the chosen bands. At the end of the compitition DEFENDER was crowned the winner over the six other bands. In December of 1986, big time producer Peter Kelsy drove to Ridgecrest to listen to the band and wanted to produce them. At that time the band didn’t have a lot of money to pay for a big time producer. Peter Kelsy has produced Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road, The Fix and numerous others. By 1987 DEFENDER changed their to NAWTY ROXX. NAWTY ROXX performed numerous shows around the Los Angeles are in places like The Troubadour, Gazzari’s, The Roxy and The Waters Club in San Pedro. In 1987 NAWTY ROXX went into two different recording studio’s to record their music. First the band went to Santa Ana to record four songs at South Coast Sound in April 1987. At the beginning of September 1987 NAWTY ROXX hit the studio again but this time in Sierra Madre, CA. at South West Sound recording studio and recorded seven songs. A mixture of these songs are now on CD and available exclusively at In October of 1988 NAWTY ROXX opened for major recording artist WARRANT in San Pedro, CA. The show was a great show for NAWTY ROXX to perform and get viewed by the public. A following of loyal fans started to develope in Ridgecrest and Los Angeles.

    Kevin Allen (drums and backing vocals)
    Dewain Cook (Bass and backing vocals)
    Eddie Jacobs (Lead vocals)
    Todd Moore (Lead guitar and backing vocals)
    01 - Intro.
    02 - Dead City.
    03 - Not Alone.
    04 - Live Or Die (In Hollywood).
    05 - No More Mr. Nice Guy.
    06 - Enough Is Enough.
    07 - Nitty Gritty.
    08 - Crazy For Love.
    09 - Too Late.
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